The Ideology of Israel Traveler

Israel Traveler is an internet website that is entirely dedicated to tourism and vacation in Israel and its goal is to help the independent tourists who come to Israel to plan their trips and vacation in a way that is efficient and smart – as well as wonderfully simple. This website offers a vast database of all of the tourist sites in Israel, zimmers and hotels, restaurants, attractions, museums and more, as well as color articles and detailed recommendations for routs, day trips and entertainment in Israel – including interactive maps – that cannot be found in any other website in English which is available today on the internet.

The website, which went online in 2011, includes detailed information about all of Israel’s tourism sites and offers articles on a wide variety of subjects and a smart map which provides a 360 degrees view on destinations, activities, hotels, zimmers, restaurants and attractions around each spot that you choose on the map. In addition, the website offers a rich catalog of hotels and zimmers in Israel, vast information about restaurants, spa resorts and various attractions, tourism and heritage sites, museums, galleries, visitor centers, historic sites and more recommendations which will help you to enjoy a perfect Israeli experience.

Israel Traveler - The Israeli Experience
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