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The five fun beaches of Tel Aviv

Where should you get your suntan when in Tel Aviv
by: Israel Traveler   |   16.01.2012
The famous and popular beach scene of sunny Tel Aviv attracts Israelis and tourists throughout the year. Soft white sand, a breakwater that makes the sea quiet and calm, beach volleyball nets, good background music, beach restaurants and cafés and many beautiful people.

The last beach to the north of Tel Aviv is also the city’s mythological beach, thanks to the Israeli cult movie "Metsitsim” which was filmed here in 1972 and gave it its name. Although the atmosphere here is much less wild than in the film, and the place has changed much due to the extensive renovation works done here by the Tel Aviv municipality, this is still one of the most popular beaches in Tel Aviv. The beach is located in front of the Hilton Hotel and at a few minutes walking distance from the northern port. The beach is open throughout the year and it has a cool beach restaurant.

Hilton Beach, which is located in front of the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel, attracts a young crowd and tourists. At the center of the Hilton Beach there is a small bay where the sea is almost always calm and pleasant. The handicapped can enter this beach with their vehicles and some say that this is the most handicap accessible beach in Israel. At the northern part of the Hilton Beach dogs are allowed in, which is very important information for dog owners (other beaches in Tel Aviv do not allow dogs in and one can be fined). This part of the beach is rocky and not as convenient for swimming. The northern part of the Hilton Beach is dedicated to surfers and special night lighting was even installed here. When there are waves in the evenings it is a special experience to come here to surf or watch others. There is a café here, a playground for children (north of the hotel), volleyball area and chairs and parasols for rent. The entrance to the Hilton Beach is free and one needs to pay for parking.

You walk on Frishman Street and at its end you arrive at Frishman Beach. Nice and simple. The crowd at Frishman Beach is composed of Israelis and tourists and it is very popular among youths. Frishman Beach offers playgrounds, sports facilities, volleyball area and chairs, beds and parasols for rent. There are restaurants on Frishman Beach were one can sit right at the water line, sip a drink and watch the children play in the sand. The entrance to Frishman Beach is free. One needs to pay for parking.

The fairly small Bograshov Beach, which is situated right at the center of the Tel Aviv Promenade, is visited by Israelis and tourists alike. A second language here during the summertime is mainly French. Bograshov Beach offers sports facilities and playgrounds and one can rent here chairs and parasols. It is nice to sit here at the beach restaurant which is located right on the water line. The entrance to Bograshov Beach is free. One needs to pay for parking.

The Drums’ Beach, or Drummers’ Beach, is a southern Tel Aviv beach, located near the structure which once held Tel Aviv’s Dolphinarium, and named after the familiar scene for which it is famous. Every Friday near sunset people gather here on the pier with drums, Middle Eastern goblet drums (or darbukas), guitars and flutes, and welcome the sunset with playing, dancing and juggling in a contagious Shanti (in Sanskrit meaning bliss) atmosphere. This alternative welcoming of the Sabbath has been performed here for about twenty years already and it attracts great numbers of people who come to participate in the celebration, drink alcohol which is being sold here in quantity and enjoy this unique scene until it is dark.
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