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Diving in the Red Sea

The Divers’ Village, the well-established diving center on the Southern beach of the city of Eilat, teaches its visitors how to dive correctly and safely and how to enjoy each and every moment under the water
by: Israel Traveler   |   02.05.2011
A morning in Eilat. The sun is coming down strongly on the Edom Mountains, the blue sky is devoid of any cloud, the temperature is already beginning to soar high and the turquoise colored water of the Red Sea is inviting you to dip in it and enjoy its pleasant coolness. The Red Sea next to the city of Eilat draws many visitors to this city, but there is no doubt that in order to experience it truly, one needs to go on deeper encounters with it, go deep down into the depths of the Red Sea and watch the magnificent world that it gives existence to. So, it is true that one can always see the fish and corals at an under water observatory, but diving is the most hands on and challenging way in which to experience this world under the sea.
The Divers’ Village, which has already been active now for a few decades and has provided certificates for a few thousands of divers up to date, is one of the more pleasant places in which one can have this challenging experience. The divers’ club, which is located on the southern beach of the city of Eilat, in front of the coral reef nature reserve and the magnificent diving sites which it includes, is known for the high safety level with which it provides its divers and for its long tradition of education for correct diving. The Divers’ Village is run by Angel Oppenheim, a diver who loves challenges and to whom the tradition of diving has been transferred through her genes from her father, a veteran diving guide, who was the one who has founded the Divers’ Village.

One can take all levels of courses here at the Divers’ Village, courses in various under water specialization, free diving courses and an introductory dive, and rent all of the necessary diving equipment and including all of the relevant services. At the Divers’ Village one can find toilets and showers which have hot water all throughout the year, a snack bar, wireless internet free of charge, a store for diving equipment and a free parking.

As Angel promises, one can enjoy here at the Divers’ Village the very professional atmosphere which is being offered here but which is also at the same time very warm and family like (and with a vibrant French flair, based on the origin of many of the members of the diving club), when each of the students here can expect a personal treatment and an answer to all of their needs. According to Angel, the Divers’ Village diving club does its best so that its students will internalize the rules of safety and correct diving, but also so that they will gain a fun experience which will stay with them and instill in them the love for diving. The diving sites that the Divers’ Village diving club go to on their dives are rich in colorful fish and corals which make the diving experience an especially fascinating and exciting one.
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