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An elevator which will take you down to the beach, bicycle that you can rent in the middle of the street, a free bus service to the beaches and more. Here are a few services which the various cities in Israel offer to tourists. It is worth knowing.
by: Israel Traveler   |   24.08.2011

Come down to the beach in style: Netanya’s Sea Elevator

The difference in height between the city of Netanya and its beach, which reaches about 40 meters, has led the leaders of the city to think of a creative solution that will make the beach accessible to everyone. A Sea Elevator which allows access to the beach in about 20 seconds. The Sea Elevator, which is located at the center of the Rishonim Promenade, has two compartments that pass inside a clear shaft and it can serve about 60 passengers at a time. The Sea Elevator connects to the Promenade through an upper lookout bridge which allows one to walk above the sea. From here you can enjoy wonderful 360 degrees views. Next to the bridge there is a cafeteria and a restaurant. The Sea Elevator service is provided for a small charge.

Start bicycle riding anytime you feel like it: the Tel aviv Tel-Ofan
In Europe you can find them everywhere, but now at last the Tel Aviv Municipality has raised the glove and recently launched a city-wide public bicycle rental project that includes tens of stations. If you walk one way in the city and do not feel like walking back again, wait for the bus or pay for a taxi, the simplest thing to do would be to go over to the closest "Tel-Ofan" public bicycle rental station, pay, ride to your destination and return the bicycle to the nearest "Tel-Ofan" station there. The "Tel-Ofan" is self-service and is available 24/7. There is no need to reserve in advance.

Free Internet for all: free WiFi in the streets

Israel is in the first place in the world (!) in its number of open nets, which makes it a free WiFi superpower. WiFi internet connection has been the standard for a long time now at cafés in Israel, but in order to enjoy an internet connection in the cities around the country you do not even have to have coffee. Jerusalem, which was the first among the other cities of Israel in this respect, allows for free surfing among other areas, in the area of the Capital Studios, the German Colony, the Ben Yehuda pedestrian area, Emek Refaim, the Malha Shopping Center, the City Hall Square, Nahalat Shiv’a, Safra Square and the Hadar Mall. Haifa Municipality has recently launched a new WiFi net which allows every computer owner with WiFi technology to connect and surf (with the speed of 5 MG) for free and without any limitations at the Dado Beach, the Horev Center and at the Port Campus. A similar service is found in Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Avenue and at the Ben-Gurion airport.

A ride to the beaches: a free bus service from Tiberias to the beaches of the Sea of Galilee

This service, which was launched in Tiberias in 2010, continues to make a lot of vacationers happy. The "Around the Sea of Galilee" Bus Line takes passengers from Tiberias to all of the beaches of the Sea of Galilee for free. The "Around the Sea of Galilee" Bus Line leaves every two hours, between 8 am and 10 pm from the "Galil Center” Building on HaGalil Street in Tiberias, and circles the Sea of Galilee once from the north and once from the south on road number 90 and 92. The "Around the Sea of Galilee" Bus Line is active during the bathing season, from Thursday until Saturday and on Holidays.

A free tour around the city: the Haifa Tourists Bus

Haifa gives its tourists a bus tour which passes between the city’s attractions completely free of charge. Haifa’s Tourists Bus, which is active during summer vacations and holidays, passes by places such as the beautiful Louis Promenade which provides a wonderful lookout over Haifa, the Stella Maris Church, the German Colony, Hadar HaCarmel and more. The tour, which is accompanied by audio information about the various sites, leaves from 10 David Elazar Street (Leonardo Hotel) and from 89 HaNasi Avenue (in front of the Tikotin Museum). To find out the departure schedule of the Haifa Tourists Bus and for additional information call: 972-4-8535606, 1800-30-50-90.
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