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If you wanted to have a wintery vacation in Paris and could not, go on road number 1 to Jerusalem, park you car at the center of this beautiful city near Ben Shetach Street and enter Gabriel Restaurant for a classic French Gourmet meal. There is no need for Euros here, Israeli Shekels are happily accepted
by: Meirav Amitai Cohen   |   29.12.2011
When in 2005 the partners Zohar Cohen and David Hayun- the latter having previous background in the restaurants business- got together, they wanted to create something which was not commonly found in Israel in general and in Jerusalem in particular- kosher gourmet food. Yes, now it does already exist but only six years ago restaurants of this kind were rare in the Israeli landscape, a strange fact especially considering the many Jewish kosher keeping locals and tourists who come here and look for such a food.
"It is not a simple thing”, admits Cohen, "There are limitations, but we make sure that we use the best raw materials and work with a professional chef who accompanies us all through the process and knows how to overcome them”.
And thus the local Jerusalemites and the visitors who come here to the city of Jerusalem can enjoy a quality kosher food that about six months ago has also become mehadrin kosher following the many requests received by the owners of the restaurant. Accordingly, small changes were made in those beloved dishes that have accompanied the Gabriel Restaurant since it has opened. Thus, for example, the classic dish of the Rossini Tournedos, which traditionally contains goose liver, turned into the "Gabriel Tournedos”- Beef Fillet with ‘Drunken’ Pear and Portobello Mushroom in Cabernet Sauvignon, Anise Star and Cinnamon, without the liver. Another excellent dish that is identified with the restaurant and with its Parisian orientation is the delicious Chateaubriand- a dish for two of 500 grams of excellent beef fillet that is served on top of mashed potatoes and stir-fried vegetables. The first courses give the Jerusalemite Gabriel Restaurant Mediterranean fragrances with dishes such as a Sea Fish Ceviche in Aioli, a Fresh Sea Fish Carpaccio in Lemon, a Veal Fillet Tartar with herbs, and a wonderful dish of Asparagus in Provencal Style.
The Gabriel Restaurant also rules over the dessert section with great elegance with a Valrhona Chocolate Fondant (parve of course) rich with cocoa solids which tastes just like the dairy one, as well as a Halva Parfait, with which Gabriel’s regular patrons love to complete their meals.

The Religious Patrons Vote with their Feet

The owners of the Gabriel Restaurant, which overcame the economical crisis of 2008, are not afraid of the "Social Justice” era. "This place is aimed at a well established crowd that can afford 600 shekels for a couple’s romantic meal or other events and it seems that there will always be those who will be able to do so, especially among the religious or ultra-orthodox Jewish people who come here from abroad”, Cohen explains. "There are good periods and those that are not as good but we are always doing our best in order to give our guests the ultimate experience”.
The elegant design of the restaurant corresponds well with the quiet and pleasant music that plays here, with the pure white tablecloths- on top of which candles are lit which give a soft light- and with the elegant dishes that are laid on the tables. Also, the restaurant’s name as well, inspired by the Archangel Gabriel, the defender and guardian, and the messenger of God, suits well the usual guests of the restaurant, tradition keeping Jewish people, and completes the circle.

Address: 7 Ben Shetach Street, Jerusalem.
Telephone: 972-2-6246444
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Gabriel More About Gabriel
Phone: 02-6246444      Address: 7 Ben Shetach St. ,Jerusalem 94147      More Details
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