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How would you feel about making a mental u turn in the morning, and instead of getting ready for work actually getting into your car and driving to the spa? Sounds good, right? But even better when it is a spa in nature and not one that is located in one of the towers of the city
by: Meirav Amitai Cohen   |   08.08.2011


The Hadarim Spa is located in moshav Sitria, near the city of Rehovot. It is an elegant and quiet place, the "baby” of Haya and Moti, an experienced couple who has founded and manages this place as their life project. When entering the lovely courtyard of the Hadarim Spa one can already relax and breathe deeply the orchards’ air, with the citrus fruits and avocados that grow here, and realize that there is life outside the office as well. Everything can wait until tomorrow, including the boss.
After this important message sinks in, you enter the Hadarim Spa’s lobby which serves as a sort of café where the guests are invited to drink the freshly squeezed juices of the local citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons and red grapefruits. This makes for a promising beginning to the health day that you have decided to treat yourselves with. And if you have not woken up completely yet, you can also find here espresso and other snacks.

Now, if you are already ready, we can actually begin. The Hadarim Spa offers a variety of spa treatment packages, some of which are done in a treatment room and some in a well equipped zimmer that offers maximum privacy. There you can dip in an oils and salts bath and relax with a glass of bubbly wine in your hand. When you have entered into the right mood, you can enjoy one of the various professional treatments that are offered here, starting with various kinds of massages, including for pregnant women, and through shiatsu, reflexology and acupuncture, and also beauty and cosmetic treatments. Add scented candles and a pleasant music and you are sure to promise yourselves that you will take a day off from work every month.

One can also stay the night

Not like in other spas, at the Sitria Hadarim Spa you can turn your hour of massage into a long day of fun. If you bring with you a bathing suit, you can dip in the Jacuzzi located in the courtyard that is active in the cold winter days as well and go on horse riding in the area. If you would like to extend this day off, you can stay here for the night and relax in the elegant zimmers that are equipped with a canopy bed, Jacuzzi and sauna, order a private chef meal and also enjoy breakfast. There is life in the Lowland and it is good. Try it.

For details and booking: Hadarim Spa: 972-8-9358885

Written by: Meirav Amitai-Cohen
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