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The Herods Vitalis Hotel is the winning formula for those who want to enjoy Eilat without the characteristic Israeli frenzy but with all the pampering and views
by: Israel Traveler   |   05.09.2011
Without kids, cell phone and absolutely no cigarettes- there are those who will stop reading now, but those who are willing to let all these go will gain a rare kind of vacation. The Herods Vitalis in Eilat is a Boutique Hotel and Spa which offers a small number of rooms over a vast area. The 53 rooms and suites of the Herods Vitalis Hotel were designed by the hotel’s owner and architect Yoav Igra. Igra, who was inspired by the legends of Oriental mythology, has designed and decorated the entire Herods Vitalis Hotel in Oriental style. The rooms at the Herods Vitalis Hotel are spacious and pampering and include a stereophonic audio, a pampering whirlpool bath and a balcony with a view over the wonderful Eilat Bay. But the rooms are only the beginning.
The highlight of the Herods Vitalis Hotel is of course the two-story Herods Vitalis Hotel Spa. The great and well-invested in Herods Vitalis Hotel Spa includes pampering facilities such as an outdoor waterfall pool, with a waterfall of powerful jets of cold and hot water pouring from the height of three meters and giving one a decent back massage, a king size whirlpool bath situated in front of the views and a dry or wet sauna for a perfect therapy. The treatment rooms at the Herods Vitalis Hotel Spa are designed in Japanese, minimalistic and clean style and exude aromatic fragrances. The variety of treatments that are offered at the Herods Vitalis Hotel Spa is especially diversified and one can choose between classic and alternative treatments and personal care and massages for women and men. The treatment products at the Herods Vitalis Hotel Spa are based on plants and seaweed.
In a soft robe and matching slippers, the guests official dress, you can come down to the Herods Vitalis Hotel’s swimming pool which is partly covered (one can swim from the covered part to the open one and vice versa), lie down on the tanning deck which faces the Red Sea, or participate in one of the classes that are held at the pool, such as: hydrotherapy fitness, pilates or water exercises. You can enjoy the view also while at the fitness halls which face the Red Sea. The Herods Vitalis Hotel and Spa offers a great variety of up-to-date exercise facilities, which can be fitted to various fitness levels and are up to the highest international standards in the fitness field. The spinning, tai chi, yoga and any other classes that you may choose to participate in are held on a parquet floor, and again, in front of a lot of wonderful views.
And if you are not really into all of that fitness and exercise and you are here simply to enjoy a vacation and in order to enjoy Eilat itself, the Herods Vitalis Hotel is excellently situated at the end of Eilat’s Promenade in the city’s vibrant entertainment area, so that you can have a wonderful time, take in Eilat at its best and return to the peace and quiet of the Herods Vitalis Hotel. Vacation does not get any better than that.
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