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A romantic gateway in Eilat

A pampering, relaxing and laid back time at the relaxation pools of the Dolphin Reef
by: Israel Traveler   |   17.03.2011
Floating on water does something good to the body and soul- the relaxed rest on one’s back, the sound of the water that fills one’s ears and the total surrender to the currents that take you to wherever you want. This was the basis for the founding of "Stalbet Al HaMa’im” ("Relaxation Pools”), a special complex at the Dolphin Reef that does exactly what its name promises to do. The "Stalbet Al HaMa’im” complex is located at the Dolphin Reef in a hidden place among green trailing plants which give one a feeling of a tropical place. Before the treatment the guests are invited to sit in the colorful sitting areas, sip wine or tea infusions or squeeze their own fresh orange juice on the machine, and sample from the dry fruits that are being served to them. When one arrives here in the evening, the setting is even more inviting, when the pleasant candle light creates a wonderful romantic atmosphere. Yes, it is very much recommended to come here as a couple. And, no, children are really not invited to be a part of the experience.
After gathering together, the guests are invited to enter the heated pools of "Stalbet Al HaMa’im”. There are three shallow pools here with heated water of thirty four degrees Celsius: a sea water pool, a soft water pool (which contains water that has gone through a process of filtering and purifying) and a salt water pool. During the time in which one floats here on the water with cushions under one’s neck and feet, the ears which are submerged in the water enjoy the relaxing sounds of musical instruments such as the didgeridoo or the sounds of other types of relaxing music. In the salt water pool one can experience a sensation of complete floatation, or collect the grains of salt that lie on the bottom of the salt water pool and use them for a body peeling.
The treatment givers at "Stalbet Al HaMa’im” will give the guests a few minutes in which to relax- it is only you and the water, in silence and surrender- and then they will suddenly appear and start this very exciting and enjoyable water treatment, all of which is pampering and perfect harmony with the water. The treatment givers create bubbles in the water around those that are being treated, move them from one place to another and turn them from side to side just like synchronized swimmers. The feeling is that of the lost of weight, the lost of control and the lost of a sense of time, which there is no doubt it is very much recommended to lose every once in a while. If you came here as a couple, you can always continue to pamper your significant other after the treatment givers have finished the treatment. And for conclusion, there is nothing like sitting in the relaxation area, enjoying a glass of a cool drink, looking at the beautiful views in front of you of the Mountains of Edom and Eilat and taking in these special moments which one can only get in this remote southern place.
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