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It does good to the skin, the heart, the blood circulation, allergies, and a lot of good to the soul. What makes the Dead Sea such an excellent health site? Here are a few interesting facts
by: Israel Traveler   |   09.06.2011


So you are already aware of the fact that the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. You also probably already know that it continues to lose of its water level every year. Right now it is at a new low of 425 meters below sea level, but that will probably not even be relevant any more in a minute, when the Dead Sea will lose a few more important centimeters. But it is still the healthiest place in the country, and even with everything that we put it through, it still continues to give us everything that it can. What makes the Dead Sea such an excellent health site? Here are a few facts about the Dead Sea resources that will explain why people leave it completely renewed:

The sun

The sun, which shines here almost every day of the year, greatly helps those who suffer from psoriasis. So it does sometimes look as if those with psoriasis who sun tan here incessantly will eventually risk cancer, but research shows that the harmful sun rays are filtered here due to a thick atmospheric layer and a layer of air that is filled with minerals that originate from the evaporation of the water of the Dead Sea. The time spent under the sun here which is combined with a dip in the Dead Sea water greatly helps those who suffer from psoriasis.

The water

The amount of salts and minerals in the Dead Sea water is almost ten times greater than that which is found in any other sea and this is also what makes possible the famous passive floating on one’s back in this water. In fact, in one liter of water there are 330 grams of salts and minerals. Some of them get into the skin, and this also of course has a positive affect. Beyond this, the Dead Sea water contains 21 minerals, among which there are magnesium, calcium and bromine. 12 of those cannot be found in any other sea or ocean. Some of them are known for their soothing properties, skin cell rejuvenation, blood circulation invigoration and the calming of metabolic disruptions and rheumatic problems.

The air

The low altitude in relation to the sea level causes a high barometric pressure in the Dead Sea which is higher in about 3.3% to 4.8% than the pressure at sea level. Thus the air contains oxygen in a concentration that is about 6% higher than the oxygen concentration at sea level. It is thus no wonder that the Dead Sea is recommended to asthmatics as well as to people with lung problems and heart problems relating to tissue oxidation. Beyond this, the Dead Sea helps those who suffer from all kinds of allergies as the air here is clean, dry and there is not much vegetation here.

The mud

The black mud which everyone spread all over their bodies at the Dead Sea for the traditional photo contains many layers of mud sediments which were created over thousands of years and contain an exceptional concentration of minerals. The fact that the mud is good for the skin is known to all, but beyond this, studies teach us that this mud is effective in regards to easing rheumatic pains and muscle aches and it even has anti bacterial qualities.


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