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Swimming with dolphins

An unforgettable experience of a guided swim with a Dolphin Pod at the Dolphin Reef in Eilat
by: Israel Traveler   |   17.03.2011
There is something special about dolphins. For whatever reason we want to get close to them, be with them and befriend them. The people at the Dolphin Reef, located at the southern coast of Eilat, realized this already at the end of the 1980s and founded here a new kind of dolphinarium, an ecological one in which one can enjoy a variety of activities with these wonderful sea mammals- swim or dive with them or just watch them as they play jumping and doing summersaults- but always while maintaining their dignity. Here the dolphins are not treated as pets, but as free animals that connect with people on their own terms and only out of their own free will.
Swimming with the dolphins is done in groups, after going through a comprehensive brief on the rules of conduct and sign language in the water. The most important rule is making no physical contact with the dolphins. Don’t be misled by their charming smiles, they can get upset and have in the past attacked swimmers who harassed them incessantly.
Before the swim you will put on flippers, goggles and a diving wetsuit for the cold. The guided swim goes over the artificial reef with its colorful fish to keep you company. The guests of honor, the dolphins, come when they please. When they suddenly surprise you, announcing their arrival with far sounding clicking sounds, there is no end to the joy and excitement. The dolphins pass by the divers, above them and under them, go deep below and then jump out with all force, or disappear from sight until the next surprise.
Whoever wishes to deepen the experience can go diving with the dolphins at the site down to 13 meters. The divers go through the wreck of a drowned ship and corals. One can also have diving courses or an introductory dive here, or just come here to enjoy the quiet and relatively secluded beach, reminding one of the old Eilat. You can sit at the bar and have a cool beer, listen to the pleasant music in the background, watch the beautiful sea and enjoy precious moments within Eilat’s nature.
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