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The Recanati Winery is among the most prominent and leading wineries in Israel, producing quality, light and elegant Israeli wines at reasonable consumer prices
by: Israel Traveler

Last year the Recanati Winery, situated in the Hefer Valley, celebrated a very successful decade as one of the leading wineries in Israel. This winery, listed in the top-ten list in Israel was founded by Lenny Recanati in the year of 2000 and it produces around a million bottles a year. The winery’s vineyards are located at the Upper Galilee region, the Ella Valley and the mountains of Jerusalem, among other places.
Recanati Winery’s attractive Visitors Center offers its visitors a wine tasting experience aimed at exposing them to the wine culture. At the entrance to the winery there is a beautiful bar and a sitting area, the chairs of which are made out of wine aging barrels. The guided tour gives explanations about the wine making process and the related equipment and includes wine tasting and snacking on sheep's milk cheeses, vegetables and freshly baked breads. On the second floor of the Visitors Center is an elegant room which hosts groups and a beautiful terrace in which special evenings are held for the winery’s customer club.
Recanati Winery produces dry kosher wines in four unique series adapted to the Israeli palate: the Yasmin series presents light fruity wines suited for the warm Israeli climate; the Recanati series presents classic wines with an emphasis on matching Israeli cuisine; the Reserve series of unique selected wines aged in separate barrels; and the Special Reserve series, an elite wine series of those chosen for their ability to age best.
Recanati wines can be found in selected wine stores and restaurants and provide excellent value for money. The winery’s Rosé, one of Israel’s best, has a refreshing acidity that suits the Israeli warm weather and cuisine. Recanati’s unique Blend wine, Petite Syrah – Zinfandel, the grapes of which are harvested from mature vines in the Jezreel Valley, is rich in flavor and fragrance.
Recanati Winery’s two new vintners- Gil Shatsberg and Ido Lewinsohn- made Recanati wines lighter and more accessible by lowering their alcohol percentage and by aging them in old barrels for the keeping of their flavors.

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