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The funniest spa in the world

The fish nibble at your feet and you cannot stop laughing. The fish spa trend has now spread all over the country, and it even arrived at the Spiral Center in the city of Eilat
by: Israel Traveler   |   12.06.2011
In Israel the trend of the fish spa has started as another delirious task which the participants in the television show "The Race to the Million”, the Israeli version of the American reality show ”The Amazing Race”, had to perform. But soon enough the "fish spa” trend started to gather momentum and today it has already become a very much sought after trend. So what exactly happens at a fish spa? It is very simple. You sit with your feet dangling in a tub of water that is filled with Garra Rufa fish, whose pleasure it is to nibble enjoyably on the dead skin on people feet. And the more dead skin found on your feet, the better. Well, to each their own.

The fish spa experience is familiar to us from the eastern states, but its origin, you will be surprised to know, is from the hot springs of Turkey, where the Garra Rufa fish grow. While the Turkish people enjoyed themselves at their hot springs, the Garra Rufa fish had a feast of the dry skin on their feet and gave them a luxurious pedicure treatment for no extra cost. What goes through a fish’s mind that makes it start feeding on Turkish feet? We have no idea, but this is how it all started. The word spread quickly to various places all around the world until in recent years it has reached us here in Israel as well and has become a wide spread phenomenon. Yes, it is true, apparently the fish do not distinguish between Turkish or Israeli dry feet skin.
Today there are already quite a few places around the country where people can enjoy a fish spa and have fish nibble on the dead skin on their feet. One of these places is the fish tub at the "Doctor Fish” fish spa at the Spiral Center in Eilat. Once there was a hot dance club here. Today the only party here is the crazy dance which the fish do around your feet. But to be fair, this is really a lot of fun. Amir Rosens, the owner of the "Doctor Fish” fish spa, will welcome you with a litchi fruit juice straight from the Far East, or with any other beverage that you would like, while the fish will knock you down on the floor laughing. And by the way, here, the worse your skin is the better. If you have calluses, the Garra Rufa fish will give you a "Like”. If you have psoriasis, the Garra Rufa fish will give you a "Share”. But if you are pretty and make sure to have a monthly pedicure, forget about the fish and aim higher. In any case, the result is surprising. The Garra Rufa fish work on your feet for about a quarter of an hour to an half an hour and your feet come out completely smooth. It is not surprising that everyone likes having their feet tended to.
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