Olea Essence Visitors Center Qatzrin Qatzrin

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Olea Essence Visitors Center Qatzrin Qatzrin
Olea Essence Visitors Center Qatzrin
Olea Essence Visitors Center Qatzrin
Olea Essence Visitors Center Qatzrin Attractions

The "Olea Essence” Olive Oil Press is a unique place in the ancient Jewish city of Qatzrin in the Golan Heights. The Olive Oil Press produces one of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils. Olea Essence also produce 100% Natural Skin Care Products, all based on this olive oil.

Olea Essence offer guided tours to the ecological olive oil press and olive oil skin care center in Qatzrin. Olea Essence explain the process starting with olive harvesting through olive oil pressing all the way to olive oil based fully natural skin care production. The tour includes a short film. The visit finishes with a gourmet tasting of different flavors of extra virgin olive oil and a visit to a shop selling the famous olive oils and Olea Essence Natural Cosmetics.

The farm’s olive orchards are spread along the North shore of the Sea of Galilee in the ancient villages of Migdal (Magdale), Tabha, Beit Saida, Capernaum and the Western slopes of the Golan Heights. the olive trees are grown in an organic and sustainable way and the olive oil is organic and kosher.

Welcome presentation

·6 Minute Movie

·"Behind the Scenes” tour to our ecological olive oil press and laboratories

·Demonstration of Eco Olea, green cleaning

·Gourmet tasting of our extra virgin olive oils

·Experience our olive oil based, natural cosmetics

Olea Essence Visitors Center Qatzrin More Details
Address: Qatzrin
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