Glass Art by Silvia Kfar Vradim

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Glass Art by Silvia Kfar Vradim
Glass Art by Silvia
Glass Art by Silvia
Glass Art by Silvia
Glass Art by Silvia
Glass Art by Silvia
Glass Art by Silvia
Glass Art by Silvia Attractions

If you are looking for a different kind of experience which is all a celebration of colors, models and shapes in a quiet and calm atmosphere, and which combines art and aesthetics with the beautiful views of the Galilee, you are welcome to enter Silvia Izkovich's wonderful world of glass in Kfar Vradim. Here in the studio that is located inside her home, Silvia Izkovich creates in glass and works in front of an enchanting view that dips in the green trees of the mountains of the Western Galilee.
Silvia creates a wide variety of items which she combines in the jewelry that she makes. Each piece of jewelry is made with love and maximal attention, in order to create quality and harmony. The result- a magnificent variety of glass jewelry in countless shades and colors, models and shapes, which Silvia invites you to see and also receive some explanations about the glass and the other materials that she uses and about the fascinating creation process.
Silvia has always known that she will be dealing with art and materials as a mean for self-expression. After working with various materials, Silvia started to work with glass which captured her heart. According to Silvia, the process in which fire and glass meet is enchanting and fascinating, and from the moment in which the glass is melted a big celebration of colors, shapes and combinations begins. The result is many times surprising.

Today, when accessories are very popular, women appreciate that special item which will make their whole appearance unique and different. Each piece of jewelry is different than the others in colors and shape, each creation is a whole world which Silvia creates with love and unending patience. Silvia creates necklaces, bracelets and rings together with various metals, 14 karat gold-filled and gems. Silvia gives each piece of jewelry its appropriate name which reflects its creation and the thoughts and ideas which led to its creation- a long silver colored necklace which combines bells in delicate light blue shades, a light blue glass bracelet with touches of green and turquoise which received the beautiful name the Mermaid’s Bracelet, a clear night bracelet that is designed out of glass beads in transparent shades of black and an additional amazing selection of enchanting jewelry.


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Address: 62 Arbel St. ,Kfar Vradim
Phone: +(972) 52-8710862
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