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Restaurants in Tel Aviv

More Restaurants in Tel Aviv
Le Relais Jaffa
All those who enter the French restaurant Le Relais Jaffa are impressed by its elegant... Le Relais Jaffa
Olas is an excellent restaurant which is located on the Rishon LeZion promenade in... Olas
The historic Jaffa Port changes its appearance, renews itself and opens its gates... Yona

Restaurants in Jerusalem

More Restaurants in Jerusalem
In a small picturesque courtyard, off Jaffa Road – Jerusalem's main high-street... Barood
La Boca Restaurant
La Boca, a Glatt Kosher South American style meat restaurant, sits in a historic... La Boca Restaurant
Gabriel Restaurant, located at the heart of Jerusalem, combines perfectly between... Gabriel

Restaurants in Haifa

More Restaurants in Haifa
Casa Barone Restaurant
If you would like to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Carmel mountains and the... Casa Barone Restaurant
Amim V’Teamim (Nations and Tastes)
The “Amim V’Teamim” group in Kfar Isfiya aims to give its guests an authentic culinary... Amim V’Teamim (Nations and Tastes)
Sleek Bar and Restaurant
Sleek is a concept that represents mystery, courage and hidden treasures. In the... Sleek Bar and Restaurant

Restaurants in Sea of Galilee

More Restaurants in Sea of Galilee
Israel’s Kitchen
At Moshav Arbel, near the Arbel cliff west of the Sea of Galilee, lies the Shavit... Israel’s Kitchen
Cafe Rishonim
In a courtyard built 100 years ago by the pioneers of Kibbutz Degania Aleph in the... Cafe Rishonim

Restaurants in The Golan Heights

More Restaurants in The Golan Heights
Bikta Restaurant at Mitzpe Hashalom
At Mitzpe Shalom in the magnificent southern Golan Heights, at the edge of a basalt... Bikta Restaurant at Mitzpe Hashalom
 The Cowboys’ Restaurant – Merom Golan
If you feel like experiencing some of the Wild West, you’re invited to eat at the...  The Cowboys’ Restaurant – Merom Golan
Bikta Restaurant in Ramot
Bikta (“Hut”) is a Kosher meat restaurant located in Moshav Ramot in the Golan Heights.... Bikta Restaurant in Ramot

Restaurants in The Galilee

More Restaurants in The Galilee
Gili – Gourmet Restaurant – Amirey Hagalil
The Gili restaurant is the romantic restaurant of Chef Gili Altman, located at the... Gili – Gourmet Restaurant – Amirey Hagalil
The Shulamit Inn Restaurant
The Shulamit Inn Restaurant is a real Galilee gem. The Shulamit Inn Restaurant
Vered HaGalil Restaurant
Vered HaGalil Restaurant, which is located in the famous Vered HaGalil Horse Farm... Vered HaGalil Restaurant

Restaurants in The Western Galilee

More Restaurants in The Western Galilee
Uri Buri
In its antique Ottoman building overlooking the sea, Uri Yirmias’ time-honored restaurant... Uri Buri
Ida's Restaurant
In a beautifully historic building once belonging to Gershon Tatz, former mayor of... Ida's Restaurant

Restaurants in The Judean Lowland

More Restaurants in The Judean Lowland
Food, Wine & Events at the Hans Sternbach Vineyard
The Hans Sternbach Vineyard consists of a Winery, an Organic Garden, a Restaurant... Food, Wine & Events at the Hans Sternbach Vineyard
Good things have been happening in Mazkeret Batya recently. Alma

Restaurants in Beit She'an & the Valleys

More Restaurants in Beit She'an & the Valleys
Octagon Restaurant
The rustic Octagon restaurant is nestled in the rolling fields of Moshav Nahalal... Octagon Restaurant
Cafe B'Sadeh
Cafe B'Sadeh (“Coffee in the Field”) is a small and charming cafe on Kibbutz Sde... Cafe B'Sadeh
Herb Farm in the Gilboa
An excellent rustic restaurant located in front of a breathtaking view. This is probably... Herb Farm in the Gilboa

Restaurants in The Negev

More Restaurants in The Negev
Chez Eugene Restaurant
In Mitzpe Ramon, where the desert touches on the huge crater, a boutique hotel was... Chez Eugene Restaurant
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