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Khan Of The White Donkey
Khan Of The White Donkey tzfat
Romantic Zimmers
The historic building of the "Khan Of The White Donkey" complex – in the picturesque heart of the magical Artists’ Quarter in Tzfat and features a special guest rooms , an...
Villa BeNof Kinneret Cabbins
Villa BeNof Kinneret Cabbins Rosh Pina
Romantic Zimmers
On the top of the mountain in Rosh Pina, in front of the breathtaking views of the Golan, Hermon and Hula Valley, stand the luxurious wood cabins of Villa BeNof Kinneret (Villa...
“Ahava BaPardes” (Love in the Orchard)
“Ahava BaPardes” (Love in the Orchard) Rosh Pina
Romantic Zimmers
In the heart of an orchard in the picturesque Rosh Pina, among fruit trees, fragrant herbs and a flowering vegetation await you Pomelo, Mandarin, Grapefruit and Orange- the...
Paradiso garden
Paradiso garden Beit Hillel
Romantic Zimmers
"Paradiso garden" that is located in "Beit Hillel" settlement is a unique, intimate and treating site
Peleg Cabins
Peleg Cabins Moshav Hazon
Romantic Zimmers
In moshav Hazon, which is located on the northern slopes of Mount Hazon in the Upper Galilee, you will find the Peleg Cabins, a luxurious suite and a charming guest unit....
El Shir
El Shir Amirim
Romantic Zimmers
In the charming moshav Amirim the Poker family built two stone cabins and a Spanish style cabin which combines wood as well for a wonderful romantic vacation.
HaBayit BaTeva (The House in Nature)
HaBayit BaTeva (The House in Nature) Moshav Sde Eliezer
Romantic Zimmers
When was the last time that you surrendered yourselves completely to an orchard that is intoxicating, wild and elegant, all at once, that cleanses your soul and just makes...
Nof LaNahal
Nof LaNahal
Romantic Zimmers
The excellent bottle of wine that is waiting especially for you on the pure white bed sheets, the bubbling Jacuzzi which you wouldn't want to leave, the classic furniture...
Zman Halom (dream time)
Zman Halom (dream time) moshav Amirim
Romantic Zimmers
Some combinations just seem perfect. One example is “Spa Halom” (dream spa), located in a high secluded place in the Galilean moshav Amirim, which also offers the additional...
Mickey's - Pania and Yehiel
Mickey's - Pania and Yehiel Rosh Pina
Romantic Zimmers
On top of a mountain in the beautiful village Rosh Pina, there is a pastoral restored area. In the restored area mickey's cabins are found
Mickey's - Gloria's heaven
Mickey's - Gloria's heaven Rosh Pina
Romantic Zimmers
In a magical spot in Rosh Pina found a gorgeous site - Gloria's heaven. The original building was built in 1882 and it was one of the first buildings there; a thing that adds...
BeSof HaDerech
BeSof HaDerech Kibbutz Misgav Am
Romantic Zimmers
In Kibbutz Misgav Am which is in the Upper Galilee, where it seems that the sky touch upon the land under soft cotton wool clouds, is hidden a charming wooden cabin with two...
Dalia’s cabins and spa
Dalia’s cabins and spa Amirim
Romantic Zimmers
Luxurious wood cabins in moshav Amirim overlooking the magnificent views of the lower Galilee and the Sea of Galilee.
Achuzat Anaal
Achuzat Anaal Moshav Safsufa
Romantic Zimmers
The vacation units complex, Achuzat Anaal, which is in Moshav Safsufa in the Upper Galilee at the foot of Mount Meron, includes six vacation units and surprises such as an...
Etty’s Inn
Etty’s Inn Rosh Pina
Romantic Zimmers
Three guest units in the center of Rosh Pina, overlooking the views of the Golan and the Hermon Mountains and next to an orchard of fruit trees.
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