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Isrotel Princess Hotel
Isrotel Princess Hotel Eilat
5-Star Deluxe Hotels
Eilat’s Isrotel Princess Hotel is located within a beautiful surrounding which provides a real vacation atmosphere.
Isrotel King Solomon Hotel
Isrotel King Solomon Hotel Eilat
5-Star Deluxe Hotels
Right at the vibrant and colorful heart of the city of Eilat the Isrotel King Solomon Hotel, the king of all hotels which has put Eilat on the world tourism map, awaits you....
Isrotel Royal Garden Hotel
Isrotel Royal Garden Hotel Eilat
5-Star Deluxe Hotels
The suites hotel, Isrotel Royal Garden, is synonymous with vacation, entertainment, shopping and water.
Isrotel Lagoona Hotel
Isrotel Lagoona Hotel Eilat
4-Star Hotels
Isrotel Lagoona Hotel gives you the best deal around, in which you can enjoy yourself continuously with no considerations.
Isrotel Riviera Club Hotel
Isrotel Riviera Club Hotel Eilat
4-Star Hotels
Isrotel Riviera Club Hotel is the quietest and most value for money option for you in Eilat.
Isrotel Agamim Hotel
Isrotel Agamim Hotel Eilat
5-Star Hotels
Isrotel Agamim Hotel has a quiet and relaxed atmosphere which reminds one of the atmosphere of a vacation in Sinai.
Isrotel Yam Suf (Red Sea) Hotel
Isrotel Yam Suf (Red Sea) Hotel Eilat
5-Star Hotels
Isrotel Yam Suf (Red Sea) Hotel is Eilat’s leading vacation and diving hotel and the right place for people who rather keep away from the busyness of Eilat.
Isrotel Sport Club Hotel
Isrotel Sport Club Hotel Eilat
4-Star Hotels
If you are looking for a hotel for a family vacation in a sportive atmosphere, Isrotel Sport Club Hotel is the place for you.
Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel
Isrotel Royal Beach Hotel Eilat
5-Star Hotels
Royal Beach Hotel is Isrotel’s main hotel in Eilat.
The Rimonim Eilat Hotel
The Rimonim Eilat Hotel Eilat
5-Star Hotels
The Rimonim Eilat Hotel, which combines every entertainment option in one area, is located at the heart of the tourism and entertainment center of Eilat, in front of the wonderful...
The Rimonim Central Park Hotel
The Rimonim Central Park Hotel Eilat
4-Star Hotels
The Rimonim Central Park Hotel is excellently located on Eilat’s north shore promenade, in the heart of Eilat’s tourism and entertainment center, close to shopping centers...
Prima Music
Prima Music Eilat
4-Star Hotels
The Prima Music is an exceptionally designed, concept hotel situated under picturesque desert mountains and overlooking the magnificent Red Sea at Coral Beach on the outskirts...
Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba
Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba Eilat
5-Star Deluxe Hotels
At the heart of Eilat, where the Red Sea and the Desert Mountains meet, stands the Hilton Eilat Queen of Sheba.
First Club Hotel
First Club Hotel Eilat
3-Star Hotels
First Club Hotel Eilat is excellently located near the city's wonderful beaches and attractions and promotes a different kind of vacation.
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