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The Eilon Travelers' Hotel
The Eilon Travelers' Hotel Kibbutz Eilon
Family Zimmers
In the heart of the Western Galilee, in Kibbutz Eilon, among oak, carob and pine trees, you will find the Eilon Travelers' Hotel.
Bein Har LeYam
Bein Har LeYam Moshav Betzet
Romantic Zimmers
The five luxurious wooden cabins in Moshav Betzet truly live up to their name, which literally translates as “between the mountain and the sea”, as they are located between...
Perach Place (Perach Shel Makom)
Perach Place (Perach Shel Makom) Moshav Betzet
Romantic Zimmers
Ten majestic wood cabins await you at the western Galilee's Moshav Betzet, a short drive from the shores of the Mediterranean and not far from Rosh Hanikra.
Yehudit BaKfar
Yehudit BaKfar Kfar Vradim
Romantic Zimmers
Take an excellent bottle of wine and sit down in the semi-wild, intimate organic garden, located within a mountainous landscape which is dotted with beautiful areas of strong...
Biktot HaVradim
Biktot HaVradim Moshav Betzet
Romantic Zimmers
In a secluded area in Moshav Betzet in the western Galilee, encircled by lychee trees and adjacent to rose greenhouses, sits the Biktot HaVradim (Rose Cabins) vacation complex...
Yam Shel Nof (sea of view)
Yam Shel Nof (sea of view) Peki'in HaHadasha
Family Zimmers
You gaze far toward the blue sea, while you deep in the pool water which is cool in the summer and heated in the winter. Welcome to “Yam Shel Nof” (sea of view), especially...
Villa BeLavan (villa in white)
Villa BeLavan (villa in white) Nahariya
A lot has been written about pastoral Nahariya, but not many know that this northern holiday city offers not only hotels but also a different kind of vacation - a pampering...
Country-style Accommodations in Kibbutz Moran
Country-style Accommodations in Kibbutz Moran Kibbutz Moran
Kibbutz Guestrooms
Kibbutz Moran is located east of Carmiel in the central Galilee region and is surrounded by olive groves and wild brush.
Nes Ammim
Nes Ammim Moshav Nes Ammim
Kibbutz Guestrooms
In the western Galilee, between Acre and Nahariya, in a beautiful tropical garden, is the picturesque Nes Ammim guesthouse.
Dolphin Village
Dolphin Village Shavei Tzion
Family Zimmers
The Dolphin Village vacation complex is located within a short walking distance from the sea, in the pastoral moshav Shavei Tzion between Acre and Nahariya.
Ahuzat Terracotta
Ahuzat Terracotta Moshav Me'ona
The amazing Ahuzat Terracotta (terracotta estate) is located in moshav Ma'anit which is in the Western Galilee.
Artchuck Kfar Vradim
Luxury Zimmers
Toward the evening when the sunset paints the charming landscape of the Western Galilee in shades of gold, you sit on elegant garden furniture next to the clear pool which...
Beit Etz Yoni
Beit Etz Yoni Kfar Vradim
Family Zimmers
Cyclamen and Anemone are beautiful names that make one feel good and are very appropriate to the pampering units of Beit Etz Yoni, situated in the heart of a Galilee grove...
Cabins of Malka
Cabins of Malka Avdon
Family Zimmers
In Avdon, a small place in the west of the Galil, there is a kingdom of pleasure providing a sweet escape from the stressed daily life - Malka's cabins, 2 amazing log cabins...
Fronsine - Luxury suites
Fronsine - Luxury suites Moshav Ein Ya'akov
Luxury Zimmers
At 500 meters above sea level - everything looks different. Especially when the architectural design of the buildings and the pampering treatment you are given are really...
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