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The Negev region offers vast ancient landscapes, colored sands and springs which flow in an open area, rich fauna and even colorful blossoms during the spring. The Negev, which is situated in the south of Israel, is an arid desert area which offers enchanting magnificent landscapes and colors. The Negev region includes beautiful mountains and canyons and it is also famous for its magnificent craters, which are a fascinating and rare phenomenon worldwide. To these were added in recent years tens of hosting places, attractions, a special local culinary scene and challenging trails.

The Negev Most Popular Tourist Sites More Sites in The Negev
Golda Park  ●  The Red Canyon  ●  Black Arrow Memorial  ●  The Yatir Forest  ●  The Antelope Ranch  ●  Ben-Gurion's Tomb  ●  Tel Be'er Sheva National Park  ●  Tel Arad (Arad Mound‎) National Park  ●  Sapir Park  ●  The Ammonite Wall  ●  The Monument to the Negev Brigade  ●  Nahal HaBesor (The Besor Stream)  ●  Ma'aleh Akrabim (Scorpions Ascent)  ●  Zorba the Buddha Festival  ●  Abraham's Well  ●  The Pura Nature Reserve  ●  HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater)  ●  Nahal Tamar (Tamar Stream)  ●  Ovdat (Avdat)  ●  HaMinsara (The Sawmill)  ●  The Hai-Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve  ●  Ben-Gurion’s hut  ●  Yeruham Lake  ●  “Derech HaPsalim” (The Sculpture Path) in Kibbutz Hatzerim  ●  The Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Visitor Center  ●  Lahav Forest  ●  The Ramat Hovav Visitor Center  ●  Havarim Stream  ●  The Israeli Air Force Museum  ●  Ein Saharonim  ●  The Art Center – Neot Semadar  ●  Ofakim Park  ●  The Yeruham Iris Nature Reserve  ●  The Colorful Sands Site at HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater)  ●  Amram Pillars  ●  Nahal Gishron (Small Bridge Stream)  ●  Azuz Grove (Be’erotayim Grove)  ●  Kibbutz Lotan  ●  Hatira Stream  ●  Timna Park  ●  Mamshit  ●  Mount Zin Nature Reserve  ●  The Yair Research and Development Station  ●  Nahal Akrabim (Scorpions Stream)  ●  Nahal Peres (Peres Stream)  ●  The Cochin Jewish Heritage Museum  ●  The Peace Road  ●  The Omer Industrial Park  ●  Ada Canyon  ●  Arad’s artists’ quarter
The Negev Hotels and B&B Show Information
Yemei Midbar (Desert Days)
Family Zimmers
Kibbutz Guestrooms
Kibbutz Revadim
Beresheet Hotel
5-Star Deluxe Hotels
Mitzpe Ramon
Isrotel Ramon Inn Hotel
4-Star Hotels
Mitzpe Ramon
Chez Eugene Hotel
Boutique Hotels
Mitzpe Ramon
חץ בשקט
מצפה רמון
Orliya ranch
Romantic Zimmers
Sdee Boker
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The Beresheet Hotel
The Beresheet (Genesis) Hotel is a luxurious hotel which is situated on the edge of the Ramon Crater and provides its guests with a... The Beresheet Hotel
Desert Days
The mud plaster huts of the "Desert Days" complex in the communal settlement of Tzukim, which is located in the Arava region, are not... Desert Days
The Negev Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas More Tour Routes
A tour in the area of Mamshit
Best Season: Autumn, Winter, Spring
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Hike
Tour Duration: About- 4 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
Flowering and color in the Negev
Best Season: Spring
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Drive
Tour Duration: About- 4 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
A day in Mitzpe Ramon
Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Guided
Tour Mode: Drive
Tour Duration: About- 5 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
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