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The Coastal Plain and the Sharon area offer natural landscapes of a light blue sea and beaches, magnificent limestone cliffs and nature reserves alongside populated and busy cities; and ancient cities and archeological sites alongside kibbutzes and rural communities. The Coastal Plain and the Sharon area are full of touristic coast cities but also offer views, trails and various tourist attractions. In the Coastal Plain and the Sharon area one can find, for example, the Hefer Valley which offers charming locations such as the Alexander Stream and the parks that are situated along it; the beautiful Dor HaBonim Nature Reserve; and of course the city of Caesarea, the antiquities, displays and culinary experience offered by which have made it an especially attractive destination for Israelis as well as for tourists, and more.

Caesarea & Netanya Most Popular Tourist Sites More Sites in Caesarea & Netanya
Shefayim Water Park  ●  The Bitan Aharon Nature Reserve  ●  The Raanana Park  ●  Beit Yanai Beach  ●  The Israel Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center  ●  Apollonia National Park  ●  Dor Habonim Beach  ●  Nahal Alexander (Alexander Stream)  ●  Hof HaSharon (the Sharon Coast) National Park  ●  The Shomron National Park (Sebastia)  ●  Ralli Museum in Caesarea  ●  Netanya’s ancient sycamore tree  ●  Caesarea Aqueduct Beach  ●  Poleg Stream in the Yakum Park  ●  The Netanya Market  ●  Taninim Stream (Crocodiles Stream)  ●  Poleg Beach  ●  The Feinberg House  ●  Orot Rabin Visitor Center, Hadera  ●  The Sha'ar Poleg (Poleg Gate) Nature Reserve  ●  The Iris Reserve in Netanya  ●  Caesarea  ●  Beit Terezin (Beit Theresienstadt)  ●  The Hadera Forest  ●  Argaman Beach  ●  Gador beach  ●  The Winter Pond in Netanya  ●  The Shaked Promenade  ●  The Glass Factory Museum (HaMizgaga)  ●  Netanya Forest (Sergeants Grove), Netanya  ●  Rubin Stream National Park – The Sorek Stream Estuary  ●  Qaqun National Park  ●  The Kadima Forest  ●  Netanya’s Sea Elevator  ●  The Hadera Forest Pool  ●  The Hadera Paper Visitor Center  ●  Atlit  ●  The Cliff Promenade  ●  Hadera Stream Park  ●  The “Collection of Tractors” in Ein-Vered  ●  The "K'han" Museum of Hadera  ●  Tom and Tomer Hill  ●  The Orange Trail  ●  The Horashim Forest  ●  The Hephzibah Site  ●  The Rishonim Promenade  ●  Sironit Beach A  ●  The Ma’apilim Promenade  ●  Jewish Battalions Museum
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Caesarea Sea Center
Kibbutz Guestrooms
Kibbutz Sdot Yam
The Seasons Hotel
Boutique Hotels
Sea Village (Kfar HaYam)
Givat Olga
Nahsolim Seaside Resort
4-Star Hotels
Dor beach
Hamei Ga'ash Country Lodging
Kibbutz Guestrooms
Kibbutz Ga'ash
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Caesarea & Netanya Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas More Tour Routes
A tour in Netanya
Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Drive
Tour Duration: About- 4 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
A tour in the area of the Poleg Stream
Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Drive
Tour Duration: About- 4 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
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