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Nazareth is a sacred city for Christians, as according to Christian belief it was here that the Archangel Gabriel announced to Mary of her conception through the Holy Spirit and it was here that Jesus lived through childhood and adolescence. Nazareth is located in the Lower Galilee, in the heart of a valley, and it includes Christian holy sites, rich history and fascinating archeology and everything is surrounded with the special enchanting atmosphere of the Middle East at its best. A visit to Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel, is a wonderful experience. Here you can visit Christian holy sites, the first of which is the famous Church of the Annunciation, walk in the Old City’s picturesque alleys, buy spices and sweets in the Old City’s market, experience the oriental cuisine in the restaurants, some of which are located inside historic buildings aimed for preservation and feel the Galilee charm at its best.

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The Sisters of Nazareth Convent  ●  The Galilee Mill (El Babour)  ●  The Nazareth Market  ●  The Carmelite Nuns Convent  ●  Musmar Pottery  ●  The Basilica of Jesus the Adolescent  ●  The Ancient Bath House  ●  The Saraya  ●  The Synagogue Church  ●  The White Mosque  ●  Kikar HaMa'ayan (Spring Square)  ●  Moscovia  ●  Shababik  ●  The “El-Sibbat” House of Folklore Museum  ●  Yarkon springs site at "Rosh HaAain"  ●  Abraham Krinitzi's House  ●  Prison service's heritage house  ●  The botanic garden in "Mikve Israel"
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Old Nazareth
Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Hike
Tour Duration: About- 4 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
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