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La Pace
La Pace Had-Nes
Luxury Zimmers
The Italian words La Pace, meaning “peace”, play across your tongue as you swim in the large cool pool, dip into the giant indoor jacuzzi in the exclusive area or sip a glass...
Suite in the Village
Suite in the Village Moshav Shomera
Luxury Zimmers
Five elegant wood cabins await you at Moshav Shomera which is in the Western Galilee.
Tal & Tal
Tal & Tal Had Nes
Luxury Zimmers
A magical environment surrounds the beautiful zimmers of Tal & Tal in the village of Had Nes.
Ahuzat Kisadorna (Kisadorna Estate)
Ahuzat Kisadorna (Kisadorna Estate) Rosh Pina
Luxury Zimmers
In a beautiful reconstructed stone building reminiscent of European structures, in old Rosh Pina, is located the prestigious Ahuzat Kisadorna (Kisadorna Estate).
Biktot Tchelet VeArgaman
Biktot Tchelet VeArgaman Moshav Hazon
Luxury Zimmers
At the Biktot Tchelet VeArgaman (blue and purple cabins) vacation complex you will enjoy country style wooden cabins that were built especially for you, the guests, in order...
Ktze HaNof Suites
Ktze HaNof Suites Nof Kinneret
Luxury Zimmers
Imagine a couple of glasses of red wine resting on the edge of a warm Jacuzzi. Next to it is a large and beautiful double bed with white and inviting sheets.
Bagoren Metula
Luxury Zimmers
Bagoren offers beautiful luxurious rooms surrounded by wonderful landscape, wide lawns and gardens
Fronsine - Luxury suites
Fronsine - Luxury suites Moshav Ein Ya'akov
Luxury Zimmers
At 500 meters above sea level - everything looks different. Especially when the architectural design of the buildings and the pampering treatment you are given are really...
Alon ba galil
Alon ba galil Kahal
Luxury Zimmers
When the owners of "Alon ba galil" decided to call their beautiful cabins "suites under the olive tree shadow" they knew exactly what they were talking about. This nickname...
Toscana mansion
Toscana mansion Yavne'el
Luxury Zimmers
"Toscana mansion" at the Galilee is a very impressive and beautiful campus of cabins which will guarantee you an unforgettable vacation
Artchuck Kfar Vradim
Luxury Zimmers
Toward the evening when the sunset paints the charming landscape of the Western Galilee in shades of gold, you sit on elegant garden furniture next to the clear pool which...
Mor VeLevonah (Myrrh and Frankincense)
Mor VeLevonah (Myrrh and Frankincense) Moshav Safsufa
Luxury Zimmers
At moshav Safsufa in the Upper Galilee, in front of the green slopes of Mount Meron, are found the dreamy suites named Mor VeLevonah (Myrrh and Frankincense) – exotic fragrances...
Ahuzat Shlomo (Shlomo Estate)
Ahuzat Shlomo (Shlomo Estate) Moshav Hazon
Luxury Zimmers
Ahuzat Shlomo (Shlomo Estate) is an enchanted complex of four wood cabins that are located within the forested Galilee landscape and seem to have come out of a postcard.
Bustan Tzippori
Bustan Tzippori Moshav Tzippori
Luxury Zimmers
You are dipping in a large Jacuzzi spa in the courtyard of Bustan Tzippori (Tzippori Orcahrd‎) under the shade of fruit trees, sipping fine wine from a lovely glass and realize...
Shulamit Inn
Shulamit Inn Rosh Pina
Luxury Zimmers
Shulamit Inn is located on the slope of Mount Canaan in Rosh Pina and housed in an old stone and basalt building.
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