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A tour in the ancient coastal city of Acre, one of the most ancient port cities in the world, which offers an abundance of history and marine landscape through stations in time in the city from the time of the Crusades and the Ottomans and until today.
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The Templar Tunnel in Acre is a subterranean tunnel that was discovered and opened to the public in the 1990s. The Templar Tunnel served as an underground passageway from the Templar Fortress to the Port of Acre during the Crusaders’ period. The Templar Tunnel was built in the 12th century by the Knights Templar of the Temple of Solomon who relocated to Acre following the conquest of Jerusalem by Saladin. The height of the Templar Tunnel is about two meters, its length is about 350 meters and it spreads under the streets of the Pisan Quarter of Old Acre
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Hamam al-Basha, located to the South of the Citadel of Acre, is a Public Bath House which was built at the end of the 18th century. The structure is magnificent and decorated with marble floors and imported ceramic tiles. It has an entrance hall which serves as a dressing hall and at its center there is a marble fountain. From this hall a hallway leads to a series of hot rooms. The Hamam was renovated at the beginning of the 2000s and today one can enjoy here an audio-visual presentation called "The Last Bathhouse Attendant”, which follows the story of Acre through the history of an imaginary line of bathhouse attendants.


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Not far from the picturesque Acre (Akko) Port spread the mostly covered alleys of Acre’s Old City Market, where one can find a mix of locals, tourists and travelers and a lovely blend of languages. Acre’s Old City Market is open daily until the afternoon and parts of it have been renovated and have become fairly touristic. As is appropriate for a Port City, the Acre’s Old City Market offers an abundance of very fresh fish and seafood, as well as fruits, vegetables and meat. Beside these, one can also find here toys, sewing materials, spices, sweets CDs, clothes, medicinal herbs, souvenirs (including seashells) as well as well-known humus places and small cafés which smell of narghile tobacco. And everything is surrounded by the khans and historical structures of the Old City of Acre. One can arrive at Acre’s Old City Market through Marco Polo Street and its adjacent alleys. Acre’s Old City Market is open daily from morning and until the afternoon.
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The most important and elaborate Mosque in Acre, the second in size in Israel, named after its builder, Ahmed al-Jazzar. Jazzar was the ruler of the north of Israel on behalf of the Ottoman Empire at the end of the eighteenth century and due to his great cruelty he was nicknamed "The Butcher". In order to build the Mosque, al-Jazzar brought specialists from Greece and Cyprus and used parts of the ancient structures of Caesarea and Atlit.
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A Crusaders citadel of the order of the Knights Hospitaller which is a part of the defense array of the Old City’s walls. This citadel is composed out of a complex of huge halls with magnificent arches and supporting pillars, which demonstrate the greatness of the Crusaders’ architecture during their rule of the city. These halls served for different purposes: meetings and ceremonies, Crusaders’ hospitality and dormitories, dinning room and the knights’ living quarters. A tour in this place is an architectural experience through which one can also learn and sense some of the crusaders’ way of life in Medieval times. Arrival: there is parking in the Knights' parking lot which is on Wiseman Street, at the entrance to the Old City of Acre (Akko).
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The Treasures in the Wall Museum is located inside the eastern wall of the Old City of Acre, a wall which was built by Jezzar Pasha, the Ottoman ruler of Acre after Napoleon’s attempt at conquering the city. The Treasures in the Wall Museum, housed inside the halls of an impressive Ottoman structure that features arched ceilings, reconstructs the lives of the various peoples that lived in the Galilee region in the last 150 years. In the Treasures in the Wall Museum are presented items such as house tools, furniture, agricultural tools and workshops of artists and traditional artisans. How to arrive: The Treasures in the Wall Museum is situated inside the wall, at the entrance to the Old City of Acre, near the cannons’ stations. From Weisman streets go up to the Wall Promenade and from there go to the Museum.
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The Museum for the Jewish Resistance Prisoners is located in the citadel of Acre which was built in the Ottoman period in the northern part of the Old City. At the time of the British Mandate in this country, the citadel of Acre served as the main prison for the North of the country. Many of the prisoners here were Jews who were imprisoned for their fight for the protection of the Jewish settlements in this country and for their struggle against the British Mandate. Among them were hundreds of the members of the various resistance organizations, such as "HaHagana” ("The Defense"), "Etzel" (the Hebrew acronym for "National Military Organization”) and "Lehi” (the Hebrew acronym for "Fighters for the Freedom of Israel"). The first prisoners here at the time of the British Mandate were Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the leader of the Jewish defense of Jerusalem, and 19 others of the city’s defenders in the 1920 riots. Jabotinsky’s cell is open these days for the museum’s visitors. In May 1947, "Etzel” fighters broke into the Acre Prison and freed 41 of their friends who were held in it. The visit to the museum goes through the prisoners’ cells, the Jabotinsky Wing, solitary confinement cells, the prison’s break-in point, the gallows where 8 of the prisoners were hanged (referred to in Hebrew as "Olei Hagardom”) and the Memorial Floor. One can also watch a short film here describing the Acre Prison at the British Mandate period and its historical importance. The Museum for the Jewish Resistance Prisoners belongs to the Museums Unit of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The tour in the Museum for the Jewish Resistance Prisoners requires advance coordination and takes about 90 minutes.
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The walls of Acre circling the old city were built in the Ottoman period. They withstood Napoleon’s siege on the city in 1799 and remain standing to this day. If you are interested in lunch or just a nice cup of coffee, you should stop at the Sea Wall Promenade, which leads to the port. Here you can enjoy a fish meal in a real Mediterranean atmosphere, in the pleasant breeze in front of the blue sea, viewing the same scenery viewed by Marco Polo, the famous Medieval Jewish Philosopher Maimonides (or Rambam, Hebrew acronym for "Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon"), the famous 18th century Jewish Philosopher Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (or RaMHaL, Hebrew acronym for Moshe Chaim Luzzatto), Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, Louis IX of France and many other famous people throughout the ages.

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In its antique Ottoman building overlooking the sea, Uri Yirmias’ time-honored restaurant in Old Acre, has long been a mainstay of the port city.  The restaurant enjoys fresh fish and seafood reeled in that same day, so that everything you’ll eat here is exceptionally fresh and has been hand-selected by Yirmias himself in the Acre open market.  Throughout the years, the globe-trotting Yirmias has traveled to diverse and far-flung locales throughout the world—even Pakistan and Afghanistan—and the flavors he has experienced are reflected in the exquisite fusions that comprise the restaurant’s offerings.  Here you may find a delectable Mediterranean-inspired ceviche—pieces of fish with lemon, olive oil and red onion, as well as the signature dish—fillet of bass served in a pot with coconut milk, picked chili and apples.

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