Archeology and nature in the Judean Lowland Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas

Itinerary type: Independent   |   Itinerary type: Drive   |   Itinerary duration: About- 6 Hours   |   Itinerary level: Easy   |   Best Season: All Seasons
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An experiential tour which includes crawling inside dark hidden caves, a tour among the remains of structures from the time of the second Jewish Temple, and an abundance of walking and bicycling trails at the Britannia Park recreation area.
Itinerary properties:   ●  Families   ●   Non-circular tour
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Hurbat Madras (Madras Ruins), which is in the Adulam Caves Park in the Judean plains, is an ancient agricultural settlement which was active between the Iron Age (1,000 BCE) and the late Roman period (4th century CE). From this settlement remained the ruins of houses, a system of burial caves, hiding tunnels and bell shaped caves, a vast cemetery- which one of its caves is an especially elaborate burial pyramid- and columbariums cut in the rock for the housing of pigeons. The trail between the hiding tunnels and the caves- some of which is done by crawling and with the use of flashlights- is fascinating and is especially suitable for a visit with children. During the summer this site offers the pleasant coolness of the caves and during the winter one can also enjoy here the impressive widespread blossoms which cover this site.
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Hurbat Atari (Atari Ruins) is located at the top of a hill at the height of 406 meters in the Adulam Caves Park which is in the Judean plains. Here were found impressive archeological remains of a Jewish settlement from the time of the Second Temple. Among the structures which were revealed here are three Mikvehs (Jewish ritual baths), the remains of a living quarter, a wine press and a vast structure with columns, capitols and a stone bench. This structure was probably used as a public structure, perhaps a synagogue. In the corner of the structure is a hiding cave and in order to visit it one needs to crawl and use a flashlight. In this site a piece of pottery was found with the name "Atari” written on it- perhaps indicating that this place is "Atra” village which was demolished and burned by the Romans at the time of the Bar Kokhba revolt (132 –136 CE). Here is also an observation point looking over the impressive archeological digs and the whole area.

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Britannia Park of the Judean lowland is not as busy as its neighbor, the Ayalon–Canada Park, but it is just as fascinating. It has an abundance of landscape formations, plants, animals, archeological remains, recreation areas and what not. In addition, this park with its 40,000 dunams of forested hills, presents many enjoyable and easy walking trails which are suitable for the whole family. Highly recommended are the wells trail and the Pistacia trail. Both are circular and provide a magnificent view of the distant coastal plane. In addition, one can find here some fun bicycle trails. Among the known sites which this park offers are: Tel Azekah (Azekah mound) and the Luzit Caves, the impressive high Masua observation tower, Tel Goded and more. One can arrive at the Park from several directions and using different roads, such as roads number 38 and 353.


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The Judean Lowland Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas
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