Between Bat Galim and Stella Maris Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas

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A walking tour between Bat Galim and Stella Maris, which combines a visit in places such as the impressive Israeli Naval Museum, Elijah's Cave- where according to tradition the prophet Elijah hid, and the impressive Stella Maris church which is located on top of the Carmel (it is also possible to get there by a cable car).
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The Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum, which is in the city of Haifa, is dedicated to the marine military history of Israel. The Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum has two wings: the Clandestine Immigration wing which deals with the operations of clandestine immigration into Israel, and the Navy wing dedicated to the history of the Israeli Navy from its foundation and until today. Clandestine immigration, or Ha’apalah, refers to the illegal immigration into the Land of Israel that the Jewish settlement organized at the time of the British Mandate in this country from 1934 and until the foundation of the State of Israel. This immigration was conducted alongside the legal one which took place at the time according to the immigration rules that the British have set. The Clandestine Immigration wing presents historic documents, newspaper articles, photographs and models which tell the story of the clandestine immigration. There is an audio-visual display offered inside the ship named "Af-Al-Pi-Chen" (Nevertheless) that sailed in 1947 and was intercepted by a British battleship that had its passengers deported to Cyprus. One can also find at the Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum a unique computerized map of the routs of the immigration ships. In the Navy wing, dedicated to the history of the Israeli Navy from its foundation, one can find photographs, certificates, battle plans, ships’ models, original exhibits, weapons and marine battle means. The new generation of the Navy’s ships is represented by the missile boat INS Mivtach and the submarine INS Gal which are presented at the Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum and are open to the public. The Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum belongs to the Museums Unit of the Israeli Ministry of Defense.
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On the slope of Mount Carmel, in the place in which according to tradition the prophet Elijah hid from the wrath of the kings of Israel, is this special cave cut in the rock. Here, between Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery and Bat Galim neighborhood in Haifa is a path which leads to the cave, which is one big space with a small niche. Like in many ancient burial sites which serve for praying, this too is divided into the men section and the women section. According to Jewish tradition, a visit to this cave can help in solving various ailments, especially of the mind. By the way, the Carmelites who arrived at the Carmel hundreds of years ago have sanctified the cave and tried to settle in it back in the 17th century, but the Ottoman Empire prevented them from doing so. Arrival through the Hagana Avenue and Allenby Street in Haifa.
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What is the connection between Maritime archeology and pirates? The sea, of course. The National Maritime Museum is an excellent place for learning about the multi-faceted world of the sea. The beautiful and well-invested National Maritime Museum displays items  that are connected with the history of maritime navigation, sea related art, mythology, ancient sea commerce, coins, scientific instruments, maritime mapping and other interesting angles on the subject of shipping (including the Israeli and ancient Jewish). Naturally, many items that are displayed here were taken out of the sea: anchors, weapons, coins and more. The National Maritime Museum also holds changing exhibitions that are related to the sea. Every section of the National Maritime Museum is dedicated to a different subject and it is very easy to find your way around this pleasant museum. The National Maritime Museum is located on 198 Allenby Avenue.
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The Stella Maris Church and Carmelite Monastery are located on Mount Carmel and are counted among the most beautiful in Israel. The Stella Maris Monastery is the most sacred and important of the Carmelite Monasteries around the world and it actually serves as the center of the Carmelite order throughout the world. The magnificent church's main hall is built in the shape of a cross and its roofed ceiling is decorated with colorful paintings which feature motifs from the Old and New Testaments. Latin inscriptions of biblical verses are written around its roofed dome. Above its altar stands the statue of the Virgin Mary carrying Jesus on her knees, and at the western wall of the church is a large pipe organ that is played during religious ceremonies and special concerts. On the Stella Maris Road one can also find the Stella Maris Sacred Heart Church, a small church which serves for the seclusion of monks, and, of course, the wonderful view which is seen from the old monastery.
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