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A tour among Israeli heritage sites in Jerusalem, between the impressive Yad VaShem Museum which tells the history of the Jewish Holocaust, Har HaZikaron ("Mount of Remembrance" or Mount Herzl) where the leaders of the Israeli nation are buried, and the Knesset residence where the Israeli Parliament convenes.
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Yad Vashem (meaning: a memorial and a name) is Israel's official memorial site to the six million Jews who were murdered by the Nazis during World War II and the Holocaust. Yad Vashem is a complex of museums, memorial sites and research, documentation and education centers, all of which concentrate on the memory of the Holocaust and its atrocities. In Yad Vashem one can find the "Garden of the Righteous among the Nations”, honoring the non-Jews who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust, and the "Hall of Remembrance”, where the visitors can remember the victims of the Holocaust. On the floor of the "Hall of Remembrance” are engraved the names of twenty two out of hundreds of the most infamous Nazi extermination and concentration camps, murder sites and transit camps. At the center of the "Hall of Remembrance” burns the "Eternal Flame” and next to it stands a stone crypt containing the ashes of Holocaust victims, brought to Israel from the extermination camps. One can also find here the "Holocaust History Museum”, the "Warsaw Ghetto Square”, the "Cattle Car Memorial to the Deportees” and the "Children’s Memorial”. At Yad Vashem exists the largest information database in the world on the subject of the Holocaust, which includes more that sixty five million documentation pages and about ninety thousand books on the subject of the Holocaust as well as the Yad Vashem collections of art and artifacts. All around Yad Vashem one can find monuments that commemorate the Jewish victims and their suffering during the Holocaust and reinforce the strong emotional impressions which stay with one following the visit.
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Mount Herzl serves as the national and most important cemetery of Israel. On it are located a few uniquely important places, such as the tomb of Benjamin Ze’ev Herzl- the father of modern political Zionism and in effect the State of Israel; Israel’s National Military cemetery; the burial ground for the leaders of the nation; the burial ground for the leaders of the Zionist movement, in addition to numerous memorial monuments. Herzl's remains were brought to Israel and were reinterred here in 1949, and in his birth centennial a ceremony took place here in which the special and unique gravestone of his tomb- a simple black Galilee quarried marble with only the name Herzl engraved on it- was revealed. In the grave site allocated for leaders of the state (Helkat Gedolei Ha'Uma- Burial Ground for the Leaders of the Nation), are entitled to be buried the Presidents and Prime Ministers of the State of Israel and the Speakers of the Knesset (the presiding officers in Israel's parliament) and their spouses. On the western slopes of the mountain is located "Yad VaShem” (from a Biblical verse, meaning "a memorial and a name”)- 45 acres complex containing the Holocaust History Museum, memorial sites, the Museum of Holocaust Art, archives, research institute, library and educational center. Here is also located the Herzl Museum, which includes impressive and spectacular audio-visual displays about Herzl’s work and even his original study room.

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The Parliament of the State of Israel, the Knesset (literally "assembly”), has arrived in its present and permanent location in Jerusalem in 1966. The entrance gate to the Knesset complex was designed by the sculptor David Palombo, who also designed the Eternal Flame memorial monument for the fallen soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces. In the Chagall State Hall are magnificent tapestries which describe the history of the Jewish People and a huge colorful mosaic which were designed by the Jewish artist Marc Chagall. At the entrance to the Chagall State Hall one can see an exact replica of the Israeli Declaration of Independence, the content of which was read on the day of the declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel. The main hall, in which the Parliament debates, is the assembly hall. The seats of the Parliament members are arranged in the shape of a Menorah (a branched candelabrum which is an ancient symbol of Judaism), which is also the emblem of the modern State of Israel. In the southern edge of the magnificent rose garden is the Knesset Menorah, which is made of bronze and displays reliefs of events, themes and important people from Jewish Heritage.
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