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The Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon) is one of the most magnificent places in Israel. This is an erosive crater, the largest of its kind and one of seven others in the whole world. The tour of the area includes spectacular observations over the crater, a visitor center and a few other sites with fascinating natural phenomena.
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The Sounds of the Desert Park, located near the Crater Promenade, in the north-east of the Ramon Crater, combines between the impressive desert landscape of the deep Ramon Crater and special sculptures which produce wonderful sounds with the gracious assistance of nature, or, to be more accurate, the wind which blows here at any season and at any time. These sculptures were obviously created so that the blowing wind could produce such wonderful sounds on them. Here you will find, among others, the "Meditation Space”, the name of which hints at the sounds produced on the sculptures here. But with all due respect to meditation, here, on the edge of the Crater, it will almost be a sin to close one’s eyes and miss the views of the Crater, painted in shades of brown, orange, yellow and everything in between.
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Mitzpe Ramon is situated in the Central Negev Mountain region on the edge of the Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon), which is the largest Nature Reserve in Israel. At the heart of the reserve is a terrace which overlooks the magnificent Crater’s view. The Ramon Crater is an erosion cirque, the largest of its kind, and one of only seven like it in the world. It is a unique nature and landscape phenomenon and a wondrous creation, which forms over millions of years by amazingly powerful natural forces. Geological movements, erosion processes and volcanic activity are those which create these wild landscape views of the crater. In addition, there is also the small zoo of the Hai-Ramom here on the edge of the crater near the visitor center, which includes a collection of small desert animals such as snakes, lizards, rodents, hedgehogs, porcupines, scorpions and more. There is also the Natural Sculpture Park, in which environmental sculptures are integrated perfectly into the landscape of the Ramon Crater, with ibexes that walk among them, a desert zoological garden and even an alpaca farm which is located nearby.

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HaMinsara (The Sawmill) is a deposit of stones, which look like pieces of wood, and hence its name. The process in which these pieces of rock are created is interesting. The sandstone in the area goes through a high temperature metamorphosis process. The sandstone "bakes” in high heat, and after it cool down it cracks into the shapes of hexagons- a frequent shape in nature as the hexagon is an equilateral shape which can fill a space without leaving holes. This phenomenon can also be seen in the Meshushim (Hexagons) Pool which is in the Golan Heights Region.
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The Ammonite Wall in Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater) is a large permeable rock wall which contains the fossil remains of Ammonites- great mollusks that lived about 230 millions years ago and became extinct much like the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The Ammonites lived in open sea and moved from one place to another with the help of a mechanism that is much like that of a submarine: when the Ammonites filled their shells with water, they sunk, and when they filled their shells with air, they were able to float. After the Ammonites died, they floated and got carried toward the shallow area that is close to the shore. Thus, great numbers of Ammonites were collected in one place, just like at the Ammonite Wall in Makhtesh Ramon (Ramon Crater). How to arrive: Drive toward the south on road number 40 about 15 kilometers from the town of Mitzpe Ramon until the sign for the Ammonite Wall. Park your car near the sign and start walking for about 10 minutes on a trail marked in red that will lead you directly to the Ammonite Wall.

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