A tour in Netanya Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas

Itinerary type: Independent   |   Itinerary type: Drive   |   Itinerary duration: About- 4 Hours   |   Itinerary level: Easy   |   Best Season: All Seasons
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A nice relaxed urban tour in the coastline resort city of Netanya, among places such as an ancient tree which gave shade to Napoleon’s soldiers, the busy Netanya market and a stroll on the city’s promenade which provides a lot of views.
Itinerary properties:   ●  Families  ●  City trip   ●   Non-circular tour
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Mintz Street in Netanya holds a great surprise for its visitors: a huge Ficus Sycomorus tree estimated to be between 600 and 1,200 years old! The height of this sycamore tree is 8 meters, the diameter of its top is 25 meters and the diameter of its trunk is 5 meters. This beautiful sycamore tree is situated within a well-kept municipal garden and at its feet is found a large painting of this same sycamore tree from 1873. They say that Moses and Judith Montefiore rested under its shade and that even the soldiers of Napoleon have done so many years before that on their way to Acre. Netanya’s ancient sycamore tree is located on Mintz Street, opposite of house number 8, near the MDA.
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A covered market always makes one wonder as to its authenticity, but there is no doubt that the roof which covers the Netanya Market makes the experience of buying and walking around it more pleasant, especially on rainy or stormy days, or when the sun is too strong. The Netanya Market opened in 1957 by Jewish immigrants from North Africa and today it offers like any self-respecting market fruits, vegetables and meat, all kinds of customers and especially a pleasant and free atmosphere. Beyond these, the Netanya Market includes quite a few stands and stores that offer spices, as well as lovely delis that specialize in everything which the Netanya Market costumers could want: North African, Russian or French delicatessen. In the Netanya Market one can also find several restaurants, some of which offer Tripolitan food. The center of the Netanya Market is located on Shoham Street. The Netanya Market is open on Sundays – Thursdays from the morning and until the afternoon and on Fridays until midday. 
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The Rishonim Promenade in Netanya is the city’s most vibrant tourism area. Along the Rishonim Promenade, which is parallel to Gad Machnes Street, are spread well-kept lawns with nine large wooden pergolas. There are hotels here with restaurants that overlook the Mediterranean Sea, pubs and cafés. At the center of the Rishonim Promenade is the Sea Elevator, the most unique and coolest thing in the area, which provides a quick and convenient descent to the beach and makes it handicap accessible as well.

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The Ma’apilim Promenade is located along the Ma’apilim Street in Netanya. The Ma’apilim Promenade features an arts square at the center of which is found the Gallery on the Cliff- an urban gallery which continuously displays exhibitions by Israeli artists. Besides the Gallery on the Cliff there are additional private galleries here, a fenced rollerblades arena, playgrounds and sitting areas.

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Caesarea & Netanya Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas
A tour in the area of the Poleg Stream
Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Drive
Tour Duration: About- 4 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
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