Flowering and color in the Negev Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas

Itinerary type: Independent   |   Itinerary type: Drive   |   Itinerary duration: About- 4 Hours   |   Itinerary level: Easy   |   Best Season: Spring
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A spring tour between the Irises at the Yeruham Iris (Sand Iris) Nature Reserve and the colorful sands site in the Big Crater (HaMakhtesh HaGadol), culminating in the blue and green of the wonderful oasis of Yeruham Lake.
Itinerary properties:   ●  Families   ●   Non-circular tour
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It is said that the Yeruham Iris Nature Reserve owes its founding and publicity to a few soldiers from a near by military camp who have discovered in it a magnificent collection of the Yeruham Iris flowers. This is a rare species, which was declared a separate species from the Negev Iris only a few decades ago. In time, this place turned into a Nature Reserve, which attracts to it many travelers during the spring. The Yeruham Iris Nature Reserve spreads over more than 500 dunams and alongside these beautiful Irises grow on it also many other species of flowers. The Yeruham Iris Nature Reserve also offers two short and marked walking trails (please note that going off the trails may harm the flowers that have not yet started to blossom). And if you are already here, you can finish the trip with a picnic at the nearby Yeruham Park. Arrival through road number 204 toward the Masu'a military camp.
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There are many beautiful trails at HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater), but if you would like to spend a long while in one place without you or your children getting bored for a moment, you should visit the colorful sands site at HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater), on the edge of road number 225 which crosses the crater. During the winter and the spring this place is very busy with visitors, but just like the multi-colored sand that is found here in abundance, there is also room here for everyone. A sea of colorful sand hills awaits you here. But how did all of this wealth come to be? HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater or the Hatira Crater) is characterized by sand stone layers of various colors: from dark red and pistachio green to orange and strong yellow. Imagine a geological window that reveals minerals which were integrated into the sand stone for ages. Add to that spaces, in which one can run and never stop and still remain within sight, and you get a half a day of great fun, as long as it is not too hot.

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Yeruham Lake is a manmade lake in the Revivim Stream channel, an oasis which sparkles in green and blue in the arid desert landscape. During the 1950s, the Jewish National Fund planted a pine forest around the lake and the stream channel. This pine forest spreads over about 500 dunams and incorporates also fruit trees, and in the winter a magnificent multi-colored blossom and even water birds which nest in the winter. Here one can find many sitting areas and lawns among the forest trees.


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