A tour in the area of the Poleg Stream Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas

Itinerary type: Independent   |   Itinerary type: Drive   |   Itinerary duration: About- 4 Hours   |   Itinerary level: Easy   |   Best Season: All Seasons
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A tour which combines the coastline nature reserves of the Poleh Stream area near the city of Netanya and a surprising museum which is dedicated to the Jewish athletes in the Wingate Institute, the Israeli National Center for Physical Education and Sport.
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If you have only an hour or two or if you are looking for a short, modest and leisurely trip- Poleg Stream in the Yakum Park offers you the ultimate choice. Poleg stream, which flows in the Coastal Plain and pours into the Mediterranean Sea not far from the Wingate Institute, starts its way in the Sharon Plain area, near the kibbutz of Ramat HaKovesh. Here, in this relatively organized Yakum Park, the Poleg stream flows gently. The water is admittedly not fresh water but the Poleg Stream in itself offers pastoral scenes here and there. The route will lead you to a small bridge which hangs on Poleg Stream’s southern bank. This place is named the "Roman Gate” and it is in fact an ancient opening which allowed for the drainage of the water of the Poleg Stream into the Mediterranean Sea. The route will lead you south and will climb up onto a limestone ridge which offers a beautiful observation point over the spaces of the Yakum Park and the sparkling lake in its midst. The route is fairly short and stretches over about 2 kilometers.


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It is a great surprise to discover at the heart of the Wingate Institute a museum (or actually a mini-museum) that is dedicated to sport. And Jewish sport at that. The International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame is in fact a commemoration project for more than 300 athletes and sport related personages- all Jewish and all have reached special accomplishments. Walking around the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame reveals that these people from about 20 countries around the world have contributed indirectly a real contribution to Jewish life and/or the State of Israel. This unusual Hall of Fame was inaugurated in 1981 and the visitors are invited to learn these people’s personal stories and see their pictures alongside historical pictures of the time and sport related pictures, some of which are fascinating.
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The Sha'ar Poleg (Poleg Gate) Nature Reserve is a place which gives you two for the price of one: a visit to the Mediterranean Sea and a beautiful and easy trail in one of the most magnificent coastal nature reserves in the Coastal Plain region. The Sha'ar Poleg Nature Reserve, which is located in the Sharon Region, includes huge sand dunes that are decorated by diverse vegetation, numerous narrow trails which pass between them and of course panoramic views of the dominant Mediterranean Sea which is seen from everywhere. There is also a high hill that is fun to climb on top of, and even more fun to stay upon for a long hour. Whoever wants to go deeper and investigate can continue to travel along the channel of the Poleg Stream. It is not recommended to bathe in the Poleg Stream but the way itself is pretty, especially during the early hours of the morning or in the afternoon. One can get here either from the Wingate Institute parking lot or from the "Speedo Poleg” Beach.
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Caesarea & Netanya Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas
A tour in Netanya
Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Drive
Tour Duration: About- 4 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
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