Chariton Cave

Chariton Cave, located next to Tekoa, which is situated on the west bank of the Tekoa Stream, is the largest karst cave discovered in Israel. The cave is named after Saint Chariton, a 4th century hermit who established the first monastery in Israel and is considered to be the founder of monasticism in the Byzantine period. The cave was created as a result of the trickling of flood water into the soft limestone and it is full of halls and tunnels. The cave spreads over four levels, between which one can pass with the help of ropes and ladders. The cave has 55 halls and the accumulative length of all of its tunnels is 4.5 kilometers. Chariton Cave offers a few routes, some of which are relatively easy and others are more challenging and include some complicated crawling (not recommended for claustrophobics). The winding routes are especially fascinating and experiential, but please note that because it is very difficult to find one's way around the caves it is necessary to go in a group that is accompanied by an experienced guide who has the cave’s map. Due to security issues, a visit must be coordinated with the IDF. Chariton Cave is accessible through Tekoa.

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A visit to Chariton Cave must be coordinated a week in advance with the IDF's Central Command Coordination Center at: 972-2-5305372.

Chariton Cave Phone: +(972) 2-5305372
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