Sapir Park

Sapir Park is an oasis in the midst of the Arava Region. It is an excellent place for a refreshing stop for stretching one’s legs or for a pleasant picnic on the way to Eilat. The Sapir Park is named after Pinhas Sapir who served as a Knesset member and a minister and has acted extensively for the development of the Negev. In this unexpected place there is a lake with grass around it, reeds, palms, sitting areas surrounded with bougainvilleas, ducks that swim in the water and even baobab trees which were brought here from the Ein Gedi Botanical Garden. Sapir Park, with its magnificent setting of the Edom Mountains, offers also an environmental sculptures garden by the Australian artist Andrew Rogers, and one can also see in it the Thailand "Friendship Bell” which was a gift from the Thai government. The highlight at the Sapir Park is "The Vanishing Valley”, a lake the water of which come from high ground water that rose at the time of the building of the nearby settlement of Sapir. With the generous help of the Jewish National Fund this ground water was made into a lake for the benefit of the local residents and travelers. Please note that bathing in this lake is prohibited and that it contains undrinkable salt water. Sapir Park is always open and the entrance to it is free of charge.

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Opening hours of Sapir Park:
Sapir Park Phone: +(972) 8-6592271
Address: Sapir
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