Gardens and Parks Jerusalem

Tel Aviv
The Dead Sea
Sea of Galilee
The Golan Heights
The Galilee
The Western Galilee
Caesarea & Netanya
The Judean Lowland
Beit She'an & the Valleys
The Negev

Hurbat Sa’adim (Sa'adim Ruin)

Ein Hemed

Sacher Park

Aminadav Forest

The “Mifletzet” (Monster) Park

Einot Uzi (Uzi Springs)

Nabi Samuel

Emek Tzurim National Park

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens at the Giv’at Ram Campus of the Hebrew University

Mei Niftoach Nature Reserve (Lifta)

Nahal Halilim (Flutes Stream)


The Biblical Garden in Yad HaShmona

Mata Forest

Har Hatayasim (the Pilots' Mountain) Reserve

HaMasrek (the comb) Nature Reserve

The Eitan Mountain Trail

Motza Valley Park

The Wohl Rose Park

The Open Museum at Givat Ram

The Jerusalem Bird Observatory and Research Center

The Biblical Zoo

The Hebrew University Campus on Mount Scopus

Tzofim Valley Park

Ya'ar HaKdoshim (The Forest of the Martyrs)

Einot Telem Nature Reserve

The Castel National Park

Refaim Valley Park

The Chords Bridge in Jerusalem

New Jersey Park

HaArazim Valley Park

Jerusalem Park

The Jerusalem Trail (Shvil Yerushalaim)

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Religious Sites (42)
Historical Sites (29)
Gardens and Parks (33)
Mountains, Rivers and Waterfalls (12)
Places of Entertainment (16)
Museums (27)
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