Gardens and Parks Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv
The Dead Sea
Sea of Galilee
The Golan Heights
The Galilee
The Western Galilee
Caesarea & Netanya
The Judean Lowland
Beit She'an & the Valleys
The Negev

Gan HaPisga (the Summit Garden)

The Japanese Garden in Holon

Yamit Water Park

Rosh HaAyin Forest

Nachshonit Park

Holon’s Youth Park (the Pillbox)

Ganei Yehoshua (Joshua Gardens)

The Glilot Valley

The Ramat Gan Safari

HaChava (the Farm)

The Ramat Gan National Park

Afeka Caves

Tel Aviv's Botanic Gardens

Gan HaAtsma'ut (Independence Garden), Tel Aviv

The Petah Tikva Zoo (Gan Hai)

The Cacti Garden in Holon

Begin Park

Reading Park

The Ariel Sharon Park (formerly the Ayalon Park)

The “Sheva Tahanot” (Seven Mills) Site

The Charles Clore Garden

Gan Meir (Meir Garden)

The Hiriya Recycling Park

The Haskalah (enlightenment) Avenue park

The Edith Wolfson Park

Holon's Story Gardens

Jaffa Slope Park

HaNofarim Pond

The Moshava Park in Rishon LeZion

Sources of the Yarkon National Park

Tel Gerisa (Napoleon's Hill)

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