Historical Sites Israel

Tel Aviv
The Dead Sea
Sea of Galilee
The Golan Heights
The Galilee
The Western Galilee
Caesarea & Netanya
The Judean Lowland
Beit She'an & the Valleys
The Negev

Migdal Afek

The Clock Tower

The House of Simon the Tanner

The American Colony

Tel Afek (Afek mound‎)

The kishla at the Clock Tower Square

The Andromeda Rock

London Square

The Maine Friendship House

Hotel Jerusalem

Beit Immanuel (Immanuel House)

Bird watching site

The Trumpeldor Cemetery

"Tabitha" tomb

“The White City”

Herodium (Herodion) National Park

The Kidron Valley Tombs

Gorny Monastery

The Damascus Gate (Sha'ar Shkhem)

King David's Tomb

Mount Herzl

The Davidson Center

The Knesset (the Parliament of the State of Israel)

Mishkenot Sha’ananim

The Flowers’ Gate (Sha'ar HaPrahim)

The Cave of the Betrayal / The Cave of the Apostles

The Yemin Moshe Windmill

Ein Kerem

The Italian Hospital in Jerusalem

The Batei Mahse (sheltered housing) Square

The Jaffa Gate (Sha'ar Yafo)

Giv'at HaRadar (Radar Hill)

The Dung Gate (Sha'ar HaAshpot)

The Lions' Gate (Sha'ar HaArayot)

Tel Tzova (Tzova Mound)

The Russian Compound

The New Gate (HaSha'ar HeHadash)

King David Hotel

Mary's Spring

Ammunition Hill

The Zion Gate (Sha'ar Zion)

The City of David

The Supreme Court of the State of Israel

The Golden Gate (Sha'ar HaRachamim or the Gate of Mercy)

Shuni Fortress

The Lange Estate

Elijah's Cave

The ancient mosaic in Ussefiya

Tel Shikmona National Park

David Isen Observation Point

The Keller House

Hurbat Karta (Karta Ruin) Nature Reserve

The Colony’s Cemetery

The Kaiser Monument

Benjamin (Binyamin) Pool

Qumran National Park


The Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park

The Monastery of Martyrius

The Kinneret Cemetery

Bethsaida (Beit Tsida)


The Motor House

The Tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes

The Kinneret Courtyard

Hurbat Minim

Oz 77 in Kibbutz Elrom

Mitzpe Golani (Tel Faher)

Arik Bridge

Galgal Refa’im

Tel Saki (Saki Mound)


Emek HaBakha (The Valley of Tears)

Rehav’am Arcs

The Tel Kedesh National Park

The Old Cemetery in Rosh Pina

Mivdad Netofa (Lavra Netofa)

Shlomo Ben Yosef Cave, Rosh Pina

Nimrod Lookout in Rosh Pina

Aker Ruin

The Dado Observation Point in Metula

The Monument to the Twelve Fallen Soldiers of the Safari

Tel Hazor (‎Hatzor Mound)

Hurbat Yarda (Yarda Ruins)

The Bar'am synagogue

Jerusalem Bells in Rosh Pina

Tel Yodfat

Beit Danny (Danny House) in Rosh Pina

The Jewish Quarter of Safed (Tzfat)

The Administration Buildings in Rosh Pina

The Tel Hai Courtyard

The “Sliks” (Arms Caches) Site

Biriya Fortress

Yosef Friedman House (The “Effendi”)

The Zinati House and the Old Synagogue in Peki'in

Alter Schwartz Hotel

Tel Hai (Hill of Life)

Hurbat Manot (Manot or Manueth Ruin)

Khan al-Umdan

The Templar Tunnel

Hurbat Dan'ila (Dan'ila Ruin)

Montfort Fortress

The Tomb of Louis Marie de Caffarelli

The Knights’ Halls

The old olive press in Mi'ilya

Hamam al-Basha

Hurbat Makhoz

The Yehiam Fortress

Hurbat Kheshek (Desire Ruin)

Khan el-Basha

The Galilee Mill (El Babour)


The Ancient Bath House

The “El-Sibbat” House of Folklore Museum

Nazareth Village

Yarkon springs site at "Rosh HaAain"

The Saraya

The Shomron National Park (Sebastia)

The Chaim Weizmann House

Hurvat Burgin (Burgin Ruin)

Tel Azekah (Azekah Mound)

Tel Hadid (Hadid Mound)

Tel Goded (Goded Mound)

Tel Lachish (Lachish Mound)

The "Burma Road"

Hurbat Atari (Atari Ruins)

Beit Guvrin National Park

The White Tower in Ramla

Tel Gezer (Gezer Mound)

The Mazor Mausoleum (Maqam en Neby Yahyah‎)

The Tombs of the Maccabees

Hill 69

Hurbat Madras (Madras Ruins)

The Pool of Arches (Brechat HaKshatot)

The Ashdod-Yam Citadel

The Barne’a Site

Tzipori (Sepphoris) National Park

The "Valley Train” Station in Kfar-Yehoshua

Tel Megiddo (Megiddo Mound)

The Monument in memory of Alexander Zaid

The Great Courtyard Museum of Merhavia

The “She’an Nights” Multi Media Experience

Tel Yizre'el (Jezreel Mound)

The Nahalal Slik

Beit She'arim

Amot Tzippori (Tzippori Aqueducts)

Kohav HaYarden (the Star of Jordan)

Black Arrow Memorial

Ben-Gurion’s hut

Ben-Gurion's Tomb

Mitzpe Gvulot (Gvulot Observation Point)

Tel Arad (Arad Mound‎) National Park

“The Lost City”

The Ammonite Wall

Mikdash HaNemerim (The Tigers Temple)

The Monument to the Negev Brigade

The Nitzana National Park

HaMinsara (The Sawmill)

Hatzeva Stronghold

Ovdat (Avdat)

Givat Yoheved Overnight Campground

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