Mountains, Rivers and Waterfalls Israel

Tel Aviv
The Dead Sea
Sea of Galilee
The Golan Heights
The Galilee
The Western Galilee
Caesarea & Netanya
The Judean Lowland
Beit She'an & the Valleys
The Negev

Nahal Katlav (Strawberry Tree Stream)

Mount Zion

The Beit Zayit Reservoir

Ein Sajma

Ein Motza

Ein Limon (Lemon spring)

Nahal HaMe’ara (the cave stream)

Har haRuakh (The Mountain of the Wind)

Ein Tamar

Ein Ashkaf (Ashkaf Spring)

The Mount of Olives

Lucki Observation Point

Mei Kedem (Ancient Waters)

The Hill of Zamarin

Me'arat Etsba ("Finger Cave")

The Alon Stream in the Carmel

Kelah Stream

Shluchat Ayala

“Derech Nof Carmel” (The Carmel Scenic Route)

Hek Stream

Mount Shokef

Nahal Siakh (Bush Stream)

The Yagur Stream

Kati'a Stream

Mount Horshan

Chariton Cave

Bokek Stream

Ein Prat

Nahal Salvadora (Salvadora Stream)

Ein Mabu'a

Tze'elim Stream (Nahal Tze'elim)

Nahal David (David Stream)

The Marlstones of Masada

Mount Sodom (Har Sdom)

Petza'el Springs

Nahal Og (Og Stream)

The Moab Lookout

Ein Bokek

Tmarim Stream

Einot Tsukim

Hever Stream

Nahal Arugot (Flowerbeds Stream)

Netafim Stream

Tsfachot Mountain

The Sea of Galilee Water Level Measure

Ein Mashpa (Mashpa Spring)

Ein Kadesh and Ein Poriya

Mount Bernike

The Majrase Nature Reserve

Haruv (Carob) Observation Point

Mount Bental

Kanaf Spring

The Jilabun Stream

Nahal Orvim (Raven Stream)

Mitzpe HaShalom (Peace Observation Point)

Bethsaida Observation Point

Breichat HaMeshushim (the Hexagons Pool)

Ein Fit (Fit Spring)

Nahal El Al (El Al Stream)

Ein Maimon (Maimon Spring)

Nahal Zvitan (Zavitan Stream)

Ein Davsha

The Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve

Hazur Stream

The Golan Trail

The Botmia Reservoir

Mount Hermon

Ait (hawk) waterfall

Ein a-Tina

The Golan Iris water pool

Einot Salukia (Salukia wellspring)

The Bajoriya Winter Pool

The Sa’ar Stream

Orha Pool (Jukhdar)

Mount Hermonit

Ein Heshek

The Alma Cave

Keren Naftali

Nahal Ayun (Ayun Stream)

Naftali Scenic Route

The Hanging Trail

Nahal Hilazon (Snail Stream)

HaTanur Waterfall

Ramim Cliff

Tel Dan (Dan Mound)

Ein Alva

Nahal Rosh Pina (Rosh Pina Stream)

Sha’al Stream

Tsalmon Stream (Nahal Tsalmon)

Mount Yavnit

The Pa'ar Cave

Biriya Spring

Mount Meron

Ein Havakuk (Habakkuk Spring)

The Dishon Stream

Eger Mountain (Har Eger)

Nahal Betzet (Betzet stream)

Sarakh Stream (Fern Stream)

Me'arat Keshet (Keshet Cave, or cave of the arch)

Eagles Cliff (Tzuk HaNesharin) in Mi'ilya

Namer (Tiger) Cave

Namer (Tiger) Stream

Ein Yif'am (Pulsating Spring)

Ein Yorkat (Yorkat Spring)

Shvil Norman (Norman's Trail)

Nahal Alexander (Alexander Stream)

Poleg Stream in the Yakum Park

Nahal Kisalon (Kisalon Stream)

Roberts Winter Pool in Nitzanim

Mount Tabor (Har Tavor)

Cyclamens Hill in Kibbutz Sarid

Giv’at HaMoreh (Moreh Hill)

Mount Gilboa

The Gilboa Scenic Road

Beit Netofa Valley

Nahal haShofet (the Judge's Stream)

Nahal Tzippori (Tzippori Stream)

Nahal Shofet (Judge Stream)

Nahal Tavor (Tavor Stream)

Nahal HaBesor (The Besor Stream)

Ada Canyon

HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater)

Tzin Stream

Nahal Tamar (Tamar Stream)

Ein Avdat

Havarim Stream

The Small Crater

Ein Saharonim

Borot Lutz

Amram Pillars

Nahal Lavan (White Stream)

Nahal Gishron (Small Bridge Stream)

Karkash Stream

The Colorful Sands Site at HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater)

Pratsim Stream

Hatira Stream

Shkhoret Canyon

Mount Zin Nature Reserve

Mamshit Stream

Nahal Akrabim (Scorpions Stream)

Paran Stream

Ein Evrona

Hatzatz Stream

Nahal Peres (Peres Stream)

Barak Stream

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