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All provisions of these regulations is formulated in the masculine, but turns and for both men and women

israelTraveler site is a comprehensive Web magazine in tourism, recreation and leisure in Israel. Use of this website and its contents surfer Reference, subject to terms of the regulations listed below. Please read these terms carefully, for browsing the database and reference to its contents indicate your agreement to these rules.

There is no contractual obligation and / or other between israelTraveler and the user and this Site does not create a contractual relationship / legal anywhere between the site and / or israelTraveler and the user.

israelTraveler will be entitled to use the information provided by visitors on the website, to improve the services it offers, for internal statistical analysis and for third parties, including advertisers. israelTraveler not transfer to third parties information that could identify users personally, but if they wish.

All copyright and intellectual property in designing a site israelTraveler graphic file, software, computer code, system, application, text, screen shots and any other material contained therein © israelTraveler exception of copyright and intellectual property in some content are owned by our advertisers or any of them - each of the According to his right. User database is known that there is no duplicate, copy, copy, translate, distribute by any means, electronic, or other mechanical equipment, stored in a database, restore or received in any other way, publicly presented or transmitted to any third party material in these Web magazine for manual commercial exploitation, but only with the approval of a detailed written permission from the copyright owners and M. - israelTraveler All trademarks on the site are the property of israelTraveler except for trademarks which are owned by our advertisers or any of them - each in his own right. may not be used without the prior written approval in advance from the owner of sign / J. M. Trading - israelTraveler.

User of the Site acknowledges that that israelTraveler no liability of any kind with respect to content / data does it contain, published on the site, as well as for results and for any damages that result from using them directly and / or indirectly. Use of that information generated by the user is their own responsibility.

israelTraveler may close either change the appearance / structure and availability of the Site and all that without giving prior notice to any surfer / body any database operation manual. israelTraveler does not warrant that use of the site will be without interruptions and disruptions, damage, malfunctions, failures, hardware failures, software or communication lines with israelTraveler or any of its suppliers or damages for any reason, and israelTraveler shall not be liable for any direct and / or indirectly, gloom soul, and so caused to the user or his property as a result.

israelTraveler may modify the conditions periodically at its sole discretion and without giving prior notice, israelTraveler publish your site conditions and the beginning of validity will become available.

israelTraveler, is not responsible for any consequence arising from error, omission Wow misleading information about the sites and content on the website. Article copyright is not a recommendation either for accommodation booking / visit / booking sites in israelTraveler instances, israelTraveler Company is not responsible for the quality and quality of services provided by the famous sites on israelTraveler

The use of this site is subject exclusively to the laws of the State of Israel. Exclusive jurisdiction for any matter arising from this Agreement and / or their use is the competent courts in Tel Aviv.

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